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The Wrong Game (2010 Reupload)

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Author Comments

This is a reupload of one of the first games I made from 2010 that took me 2 months to make, I uploaded it purely for archival, and so that my fans can have access to a very old project of mine.

It is absolutely heinous and practically not worth playing at all. It may not even seem obvious that this game is an awful attempt to rip off :the game series of games you can find on newgrounds too.

I have doubled the resolution of the game too, so that it's harder to look away from it.

Please do not think my current projects are this poor in quality, After 9 years, it is impossible for me to fall this low anymore.

Some Sidenotes:

- I wanted to upload my first video game I ever made, it was called The Random Quiz, but uploading rules forbids me from putting audio of copyrighted songs, which is why I couldn't upload it, because it had Boulavard of Broken Dreams by Green Day play throughout the entire game.

- The humor in this game makes me want to lolXDrandom into the stratosphere. It is unbearable to me.

- Spoilers for those who get further than the title screen of this game: In the game I implied that Hitler built the Berlin wall. He didn't, I said that because I was a stupid child.

- Also there's a part in the game with Hitler, so right off the bat if you read this before playing, then you know this game is pretty much bottom of the barrel. You can't really go that much lower than this.

- For some fucking reason, there's a part of the game where Blockhead just shows up, that part's art was done by my brother. Not like he would have wanted the public to know that anyway.

- There's a part in the game that plays a System of a Down, but I think it's short enough and low quality enough that I feel like it shouldn't be a problem.

- The loading screen in the start is completely fake, I animated that to give the illusion of a loading screen. I'm not sure why I thought loading screens were important.

- This is the first project I made that I considered a big projects, so no matter how bad it is to me and the rest of the world, it's important in the fact that it's a big part of my history as a man that makes video games.

Okay, thanks for understanding. if you do decide to play through the game, then, God speed.

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BestLeatherEver responds:

2010 was a very different time

this game gave me herpes, just kidding videogames can't give people herpes

Yes. Absolutely glorious game. Incredibly great detail. 11/10 :)

The only thing good about this is the humor but everything else isn't really good.

Not much of an actual game, but lots of good jokes. And the graphics aren't that bad...

Credits & Info

2.97 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2019
2:06 PM EST