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Gods' Fall - Ascension of High Kings

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Choose your race and lead your army through epic battles against various mitological creatures to reach the hegemony in Beydhia's world! Humans, Vampires and Werewolves will fight till death for their kingdoms. Become the High King of the world! But be careful, the gods may not like this.
Be creative to find the best strategies and defeat your enemies, and always remember, unity is strength.

- WASD to move the protector, SHIFT to shoot, CTRL to toogle auto-shoot.
-Q and E to move camera.
-Don't forget to always use slaves, little robbers and diggers.
-Troops hotkeys are shown in their names.
-Save money and buy "more storages" to increase your money limit.
- Buy more life to your castle to unlock special moves.
-Use stacks to speed down your enemies.
-Replay easy maps to earn points and evolve your troops.
-Try to don't use only the same troops.
-Be always ready to a MASSIVE COUNTER-ATTACK!
-Legendary troops are unlocked by achievements.
Good playing.

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Solid little RTS while a tad bit rough about the edges it's more than enough to keep somone occupied for at least a couple hours. Which is pretty good in my book.

GabrielBalas responds:

Ty very much bro!

I love this game but holy crap is it hard.

GabrielBalas responds:

Thank you! Lol I hope it's hard in a challenging way and not in a boring way.

I'm loving it

GabrielBalas responds:

This makes me very happy! Thank you!

Very good game!
Could it be, that the enemy soul possessor is invulnerable?
His Life regenerates over and over....

GabrielBalas responds:

Thak you so much!!! I'm so happy you liked it. I'll take a look on the enemy souls possessor to see what is happening. :D

there appears to be no sound.
i suggest that you just let us click to attack with our guardian. pressing shift is weird, especially when we are already aiming with the mouse
i should not have to upgrade my gold just to be able to afford the first worker unit. it takes my guardian like 10 minutes to kill an enemy castle but it appears that i will not be able to build any other units? this is seriously imbalanced

GabrielBalas responds:

Well, as was said in the description, there's no sound yet. About the guardian, you just need to hit CTRL to toggle the auto-shoot function of the guardian (you can see this in the description and tutorial). And about the troops, i really didn't understand what are you talking about. But to build units that you have unlocked you just need to click it during the battle. If you don't have it unlocked yet you just need to unlock it in the 'Troops Level' page. Hope I have cleared all your doubts, thank you for the feedback.