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Freeman's Mind Animated: Modern Major General [SFM]

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Done and done! What are the chances that my release lined up with a new episode of Freeman's Mind? How convenient! Here's a link to the Freeman's Mind Source material: https://youtu.be/2HdlRqvIyFs

Hope you all enjoyed the animation! Thought I'd get it done quicker than usual because of it being half as long as the VideoGameDunkey one, but nope. This had a lot more work per scene than that video I have to say. Still got the release date though so it's all good.

Keep an eye on my twitter for more announcements on my videos, and the odd shitpost here and there: https://twitter.com/Gt118

And if you're feeling generous, I have a Patreon for people who want me to stick around and make more animations. Any support is greatly appreciated! : https://www.patreon.com/googleygareth

Until next time!

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cool video.

OHgod. You know, I never had the opportunity to play Half-Life... but I get it. This is hilarious.
This version of Freeman would drive GlaDOS to play accordion. Love it. You make my heart weep with joy good sir. GOD I wish I'd had more of an opportunity to play shooters I enjoyed as a kid, when my buddies were still around the neighborhood. Sadly, those times were very rare, (Read: mostly Area 51 at the arcade rare WOOHOOO) and I was unable to stop myself from ganking everyone around in the first version of Smash Brothers, so my friends (who weren't really my friends, apparently) stopped coming over. AGAHAHAHAH. They always got pissed when I won. My mom told me to let them win once in a while, but that wouldn't have been fair to em, and I don't think they would have enjoyed it. Sigh. I tried not to win, I did, but I'd never won at anything before, and they just... rarely won against me. It was a small moment of happiness, you know? So thanks man. This made my night. I was a little depressed suddenly, adn you really... you helped man. Thank you.

GG Mr. Freeman... GG...

Was kinda hard to follow along with the song, not optimal accentuation there, but you do love it. XD All with the fiercest of fire displays too, choreography and all, it doesn't just entertain but: all so well-timed and polished! Love this. If anything to improve it'd be cool with a little more weight to all events, motions, etc, but overall this was genuine entertainment. Easy to laugh to and fun to look at too. Great work.


HAHA. Fantastic. I'm gonna send your link to some nerds now.