Seven Days in Purgatory

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In the Afterlife, there's a good place, and there's a bad place. And it's your job to inspect souls and decide their fate.

-Souls are sent into your office.

-Review their documents, make sure everything's in order, and sent them on their way to the good place, or the bad place.

-It's really quite simple, as far as jobs go.

This game was created in a little over a week for TV Game Jam. It is inspired by the TV show, "The Good Place". It's also inspired by the game Papers Please.

Game - kypello. Music/SFX - scowsh.

I don't recommend full screen mode, as it can make the game run slowly.

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Having to scroll up & down is frustrating, as is constantly having to swap between mouse & keyboard use. Has potential though

this game is great its a nice papers please parody keep up the good work dude I wanna play a sequel to this game. maki it happen!!!

I just don't particularly enjoy this. It has a lot of potential, and in full honesty, I didn't finish it because I don't have a mouse apart from my tracking pad and this became an annoyance but I can't give a bad review for a game I didn't complete or see through. Seems interesting though.

kypello responds:

Lol I don’t even have a mouse, I made the game entirely with a track pad

This game is awesome! Also, I have a good computer so I played fullscreen with no lag.

I know you made this for a gamejam and it means no time for extra features, but I really wish it has


an option to replay days, so we can see what could happen if we made different decisions, like the one when the woman says the guy to come murdered her son, but his file is clean. I trusted the file and sent him to good place, and on the balance, a note said "you let him in". I don't want to replay all the game to day six to know what would happen if I trusted the woman and sent him to Satan's lap.

But I understand you can let the feature monster talk to you during a gamejam =)
Damn, I cannot make a game like this in a gamejam!

Good job, standing applause.

Too slow for my computer. Minus only one star because despite the speed, it's a good game alright

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3.74 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2019
12:58 PM EST
Simulation - Job