ValentineX3 Visual Novel (Development Test)

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You receive an invitation from a beautiful friend to go on a date, but everything becomes chaotic when you have to choose one of three girls for Valentine's Day.
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Stuck in the restaurant

the game works, and the art is nice, even though i personally don't like the style.
problem is: it is so, so generic.
i could not possibly imagine a more trite, boring scenario than this.
is it supposed to be a nukige?
i don't know a lot about those, but i can't imagine that this is a good start to one.
the characters, at least in this version of the game, are all the same type of weeb bait.
even ignoring the story and writing, it's not a good visual novel technically.
the textbox has no transparency, the save function is crude, the backlog is worthless, and it has loading times? in a vn?? how did you even do that

so, yeah. maybe play a visual novel at least once and run this thing's plot through a random word generator and try again

not sure how far the game goes, but cant click on anything past the first meeting with scarlet and strawberry.

Looks like a promising project. You have all my attention now, i honestly think this could be great when it be a complete game. It's a development test, so i can't complain abut anything, except the uncomfortable time charges. Anyway, good game, interesting concept, you have potential with this.

it looks like that peggy 13 simulator

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3.33 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2019
5:14 PM EST
Simulation - Dating