Hoppity Block

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Cat 5 Points

Cute cat, hisses when petted.

Dog 5 Points

Friendly dog, tore previous owner to shreds.

Bear 10 Points

Ferocious Bear! Probably of Russian Origin.

Frog 10 Points

Sad Frog. Might be gay.

Horse 25 Points

Crazy Horse! Will stomp your face!

Le Fart 25 Points

Gas escaping or forcefully pushed from the inside of anal cavity.

Monkey 50 Points

A feral monkey, probably the original incubator of the HIV virus.

Pig 50 Points

A genius creature so filthy, religions won't eat it.

Donkey 100 Points

A savage donkey, responsible for the death of hundreds of villagers. Never apprehended for fear of donkey death.

Author Comments

◉ Physics based gameplay.
◉ Click to hop, hold click for longer hop.

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lame newgrounds my 67 didnt register

itsallgoodgames responds:

fake news

tbh, itsallgoodgames is right, when you do it enough times, you "git gud!"
so, good words of wisdom to your fav game

itsallgoodgames responds:

lol sweet

ok this game is really tricky for me , so bye.

itsallgoodgames responds:

git gud!

it speaks of the lands we cherished. Mother did not like the lands so it was taken away.

itsallgoodgames responds:

wtf are you talkin bout?

It wouldn't be so bad if the pillars didn't go down after 1.5 seconds of being on them. It gives the player barely any time to think about their next move. If you play it over and over you get used to how the game works. Therefore, it does take some skill, but it also relies on luck.

I keep coming back to this game because of the medals. My best score so far is 18. Because it has replayability to it, I'm not going to give you a bad score. Just know that there's a difference between challenging and making a game extremely frustrating just because you can. Your game is the latter in that statement.

itsallgoodgames responds:

naw son u just gotta git gud!

Credits & Info

2.92 / 5.00

Feb 11, 2019
11:12 PM EST
Skill - Other