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So this is my first animation, yea it looks like sh*t but atleast i did something with medium quiality

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it good for a first animation

a simple but good animation, there is a match with the weight of torture mag ... but removing that I give you 8/10

It's pretty competent, but maybe consider adding muzzle flashes and such to gunfire. It looks a bit silly with no effects. Still, for your first animation, it's pretty good.

The animation is bad, understandable as it's your first time. However, the really jarring thing here was Torture's size. In the first shot he's twice the size of a normal grunt (still way too small) and then he becomes grunt-size. At least, that would be the case if grunts were normal-sized. Instead, they became tiny and the background remained the same size, making the rooms huge. You also need bullet lines. The plot was non-existent too. Why was there a gigantic gun just randomly lying there? Why was Torture even there? What was his goal on the roof? Oh, and the elevator scene lasted too long.
Try to add more action for your next animation, have an actual plot and try to make the sizes of the characters normal. At least I liked the way he blasted through those two Engineers.

Vilendro responds:

thank u for giving your opinion, yea i know this animation really sucks!, im trying to make my animations better