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Flat Earther

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Author Comments

Simple evolution simulation-

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Well... I came here thinking it would be a game, but as others had pointed out it stands more as for watching than for playing. Nevertheless, the music is pretty I see you developed it with great care.

Improving the experience by giving the player more interaction would make it good!

side note: What's the matter with some people commenting here? Why being so rude and mean? Do they think others live to serve them? That's a straight on you, LDeins. Go make your own games before bullying others'

AOD2 responds:

When it comes to player input I'd like to redirect your attention to one of my previous comments.

Interesting Sim, more something you watch than play.

What am i looking at ?!?!

I guess this is one of the "the path is the goal" projects. Where programming something is the main goal, not creating a real game. And no, it's not a game, a game involves the player. It's more of a screen saver. Little dots eat green squares till one type of dots (in my case a light gray one without any other attributes) decides to spam the whole map. "Game " ends on a big river, where all of the 300 gray dots die. Even on the super speed this simply repeats over and over again. Can you find the fun part - not for you programming this, but for the player playing it?

AOD2 responds:

Well, I'd be the first one to admit that there's not an overwhelming amount of player input. It was a conscious design decision to leave it that way as some of the more interesting patterns take hours to manifest. How cruel wouldn't it be of me to force the player's undivided attention for such an extensive period of time whilst the simulation churns along at a gruelingly slow pace?
In your gameplay description you mention a scenario where an organism adopts a subpar evolutionary strategy and then goes extinct shortly thereafter? That's an intended outcome right there. Any organism that fails to adapt to its surroundings will inevitably fail.
To access the more complex nuances of the "game" some measure of patience is required as they only emerge through the continuous evolution of an organism over time.

However, even then I doubt it would be quite your cup of tea.

There is hardly any player input, it feels as if am watching a video with a really good soundtrack (like seriously that soundtrack is dope). Overall I think if you add more ways to affect the evolution of the creatures and explained the whole thing better then you would probably get better reviews (at some point I had a weird glitch with the zoom so maybe you should fix that)


- M.B.

AOD2 responds:

Thanks, the tracks used are some old unused stuff that I ripped from unfinished projects when throwing this thing together. It's always nice when you get to recycle old stuff.

When it comes to player input I'd like to redirect your attention to one of my previous comments.

Hey man this is a great little basic simulator and I think it accomplishes exactly what your description says. If you ever made an updated one in the future I definitly think you should mainstream it a bit more tbh, the little legend on the side is understandable but it's definitly not pretty and just has a bunch of random information just shoved there, i'd definitly add a tutorial for dummies like me lol

AOD2 responds:

The simulation is already a more "mainstream" version of a more complex program that I used to predict complex protein structures. During my work I found that the numbers organized themselves in a strangely organic fashion and decided to slap some graphics on the whole thing. I liked the resulting mess enough to create the current project which is essentially the same thing but with simpler parameters and recontextualized as something less obscure.

My point being that this was my attempt at an accessible version. What are some things that you would like to see explained in a less obtuse manner?

Credits & Info

2.33 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2019
5:52 PM EST