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Give Peas A Chance (2010)

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For the longest time I thought the original version of this animated short was lost forever. I recently found a DVD I had transferred it over to when I was submitting portfolios to college.

I originally submitted this to youtube and it got a couple thousand views. In the circles of art people I knew in real life knew me as that guy who made that pea cartoon.

I eventually deleted this version from youtube because I felt this version was too rushed and I wanted to redo many parts. I got stuck in a George Lucas kind of mindset where I updated parts because I thought it would make it better. This is not the case especially when you're improving very rapidly because you'll just end up trying to redo every scene. It also doesn't help if the writing wasn't that great to begin with.

The only other credit on this animation was my friend Ian Crawford who played guitar on all the soundtracks to this short.

6 months later he passed away from an unexpected heart problem. Which makes it shitty that I deleted the original version and was in the process of updating everything. It's like destroying one of the few remaining works your friend left on this earth.

Enjoy this 9 year old relic 'Give Peas A Chance'

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Best part by far was 1:03.

Very nice

The art on this was really nice you have some amazing work here great character the voice work was notbad either I do think some type of subtitles might work well on this, but besides that this was really good work on a cute little animation here so nice work indeed.

ad some subtitles and do make a series from this you have something good here.


This is the bee's knees - ! !

Glad you found this little bit of history once again! Disturbing at first, but masterful too... watching the pea grow, and experience, and make it to the very end... a surprisingly emotional end too. Damn. I'm a have some trouble eating my peas after this...

It's a lot like the real world though innit. We just have to make the best of our days, try our hardest... and then it's over. I can see why people remember this.


This is nice! has cool music too!

Bill responds:

Thanks :)