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Fall of Darkarus

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Author Comments

This is a game I am currently working on. There are different menus. You can unlock two different spells in Magic Tower. (more later) In the castle you can equip and level your Moloyos. Moloyos are loyal beings. In magical gate, you can craft equipment that you have already looted in the game. For this you need different runes.
In the game you choose a lane and spawn the chosen Moloyos on this lane.

There is no tutorial yet, but I hope you find your way. It is really a lot of work and I would like to get some feedback at the moment. Tips and suggestions and if I should continue to work on it. I only started programming a few months ago as a hobby. Have fun!

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Very cool game, but have some bug (I can't see how HP have first enemy (Darkus), I'm not see image javelin thrower and some else. But this game have a not bad voice action and stile, animation (not all) pretty nice.

settings menu doesnt open in the home base, only during battle

despite a lot of unresponsive/unfinished aspects of the game, it does play pretty smoothly.
after breaking darkarus's base, my units just kept standing there attacking nothing, or walked off the edge of the screen. maybe try to find a way to let them switch lanes in an event like this? cus it doesnt really make sense for that guy to just walk through 12 units while they ignore him lol

items and loot dont seem to do anything or go anywhere.

anyways, id probably play more of this if it were completed. keep up the good work

Looks promising but how does one actually start the game? I see "Save" "Load" "Crafting" and "Team and Buildings." What am I missing here?

EDIT: Tried refreshing the browser and now I can get to "World" where the game happens. It's interesting so far. Please tweak the intro video so the text is more readable (it's like white on
bright blue which is really hard to read).

Tutorial would be a huge help.

Overall, keep going!

not bad, i played a multi lane tower defense like this before called demon box, they have some nice variety in minions and commanders in the game which kept it fresh.
Btw in your game the level up system is a little unbalanced cause you can stack all the levels on the spear-man and just spam, you could add a level cap or make the units take more levels as it goes up or require crafting items to make a level up wall. good job so far

Seems alright and playable, a little tutorial for the crafting and upgrading thingies would be kinda neat. Felt a little lost at the beginning. Also props to you for wanting to use good video material in your game (i'm talking about the prologue), but that makes your art style look kinda incoherent. The game itself works, didn't find any bugs or something.

Credits & Info

3.03 / 5.00

Feb 6, 2019
8:14 AM EST