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RhythmJam is a Rhythm Heaven animation collaboration done by 15 SVA animation students. The music was taken from the game Rhythm Heaven Fever.


Music: Rhythm Heaven Fever Remix 7

Produced and Edited by - Ezequiel Cincunegui

Animators (In order of appearance)

Cut 1- Ezequiel Cincunegui ( twitter.com/pencilhex )
Cut 2- Mike Tona ( miketona.tumblr.com/ )
Cut 3- Joey Jimenez ( joeyanimation.wixsite.com/work )
Cut 4- Brian O'Donnell ( instagram.com/brauin/ )
Cut 5- Wesley Hellinger ( twitter.com/farvannn )
Cut 6- Katya Frakine ( instagram.com/paperisfood/ )
Cut 7- Kelly Kirsch ( twitter.com/plantjuice )
Cut 8- Casey McDondald ( twitter.com/caseyannemcd )
Cut 9- Sophie Alberdingk Thijm (instagram.com/soph_thijm/ )
Cut 10- Vincy Guan ( instagram.com/pricey_guac/ )
Cut 11- Ezequiel Cincunegui ( twitter.com/pencilhex )
Cut 12- Ashley Hawes ( instagram.com/hamletncheese/ )
Cut 13- Sarah Myers ( instagram.com/toonslay/ ) & Katherine Minkoff ( twitter.com/kjminkd )
Cut 14- Fletcher Del Vecchio ( twitter.com/fwetch )
Cut 15- Adam Bohorquez ( twitter.com/DeadlyComics )

Title Design by Pablo Rafael Roldán ( instagram.com/rudoplayer2/ )

Credits Music: Let's Practice! (Rhythm Heaven)
Thanks for watching!

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A wild and fun colab

That first one with the realistic backend was nice also liked the mario themed one great music choices too A really fun and wild colab you have created here, some intersting ideas and some even better ones, you all have some amazing talents here and you have some great ideas, would love to see more stuff like this I have had a fun experience in reviewing this one.

none needed


My favorite is the first one with pencilhex's (the little monkey kills me, it's fucking adorable.) and DeadlyComics' because it features the huggable dinosaur I like so much.

Doesn't mean everyone else's contributions weren't as equally amazing though! They're all great! Those 2 were just my favorites. I miss playing rythm games. Everyone's works were incredibly well animated, and this is probably one of my most favorite animation jams ever.

I've been replaying this for more than 15 mins now. It's just so catchy.

this is funny I LOVE IT!!!!! and this is NOT A M

Excellent Animation!
...Also, the art looks great, too!


It's hard not to like Brian's segment, along with everybody else's!