YOUR Bank Is Robbing YOU

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One of the reasons why you become a debt-slave and why the rich get richer. Again I am sorry about the quality of the video but check this out instead https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdRKjOHbkSI

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first off in 0:11 thats how banks make money. second 0:41 if anything happens like that you just file for bankruptcy. third 0:58 they dont do nothing (this ties with the first one) every day they get businesses offers and deals so that they can lend them money while also getting money back. third in 1:08 you almost brought up a good point exept for the fact that one if you do that you do a thing called inflation which basically makes a nickle in 1998 worth a dollar today(this is an exaggeration).fourth 3:08 why would a bank purposely mess up its more beneficial if they got a good one instead all your saying here is a conspiracy theory.
and too be honest that info you got is the exact info I found in like 5 min of searching the web with "are banks ripping me off" you are not reliable and have shown no sources for me to even think about trusting you opinion if you want to complain about the banks you should also think about the fact that if you leave some money in the bank you get a bit more do you wanna know what thats called? its called interest its the banks way of saying thank you for trusting me with your money so tell me how does that not benefit me?
your a fucking conspiracy theorist and if you going to make a clams like this then at least give me hard prof not a fucking theory cuz last I checked there are no sources you need to shut the fuck up and do better resurch. cuz so far all I see is some one hungry for views on you tube aka better ad revenue.

Sorry, I am going to have disagree with you. You are half-right. The government can print money but not anytime it wants. If the government printed too much money too fast, then the value of all money would fall faster thus creating hyperinflation. This has not happened in the U.S. because of 2 reasons.

1. The U.S. prints bonds and not money.
The creates bonds, then sells those bonds on the open market. The "money" gained from selling bonds thus supports government spending. This will not harm the economy so long as the GDP keeps growing, the government never defaults on the bonds, and people continue to want safety of U.S. government bonds and interest.

2. Banks don't really need the government to create money.
Hell, the banks don't even need money at all. They can create it out of thin air so long as they follow the governments rules which are: show your paperwork on how and why the bank created the money, save some profit to ensure the banks has money in case of a bank run, and make sure the bank is not acting illegally (without the governemnt's o.k.). If the bank gets into trouble or needs money make ends meet, it can borrow at the Fed's discount window. The government may step in to save the bank.

All of the above can continue so long people don't make a run on the bank or lose faith in the U.S. government ability pay the interest on the nation debt.

I agree with you on the wealthy. They control the government and write the laws in their favor. But its the people who continue to put up with this mess. I mean people voted a "billionaire" into office because in large part because he had money. What type of shit was that? When have the wealthy EVER taken care of the poor or havenots? People though this was going to change? Whenever someone talks about changing the system or taxing the wealthy, its the poor people who bitch about taxing the wealthy the most.

It is hard to complain about the system the wealthy have put into place for themselves, when poor people continue to support the system like sheep...

Like Rom of Deep Space Nine once said: "Ferengi workers don't want to stop the exploitation, they want to advance to be the exploiter." This is why every thing you talked about will never change.

If you have no debt, and $100 in your checking account, you are wealthier than 3/4 of the world. Think about that.

The Federal Reserve has been controversial since its founding in 1913. Though it isn't perfect (nothing is) it has prevented a number of crises.

Of course, there is nothing forcing people to borrow from banks. There are many alternatives.

It is interesting and thought provoking. The speech is very good, well spoken and very clear. The art/animation is good and clear, but rather repetative.

However, you have entirely written and presented it for the US market, neglecting the fact that Newgrounds is an INTERNATIONAL website. I don't think other countries, have a banking arrangement quite like yours, so I think this in not entirely true for a high proportion of your viewers.

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