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Alien in one scene

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Versión en español: https://youtu.be/u01gfvkGRE0

Animation created thanks to a silly conversation among friends (like all my animations basically)
it turns out that all of Alien's films can be summed up to get a xenomorph to the (insert futuristic location here) and Ripley appears to take it out, ergo, "the scene of Mosnters inc."
Note apart: the door looks weird, I did not know how to solve it in the toon boom.

Animación creada gracias a una tonta conversación entre amigos (como todas mis animaciones básicamente)
resulta que todas las películas de Alien se pueden resumir a se mete un xenomorfo a la (inserte locación futurísta aquí) y aparece Ripley a sacarlo, ergo, "la escena de Mosnters inc."
Nota aparte: la puerta se ve rara, no supe como solucionarlo en el toon boom.

links relevantes:

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Well That was kind of funny I got a few chuckles out of this one it was entertaining you have impressed me the simplistic art is nice the sound f/x and music fit in well do wish it was a tad longer but overall this was funny stuff so do make more of these kinds.

do wish it was a tad longer but overall this was funny stuff


KevinTrentin responds:

thank you !, yes, originally, there were a couple of scenes where the alien attacks some guards but that would lengthen the animation too much.
however I will keep it in mind if I return to this animation

That was the strongest shovel in the known universe. :P

Good stuff! A trick to fill in those unpainted sections in narrow points in the fingers is to set the brush to 'paint underneath', and you can colour everything in without worrying about colouring over the other fills.

Best of luck! :)

KevinTrentin responds:

haha thank you very much for the advice!

Hehehehe, pretty good.

KevinTrentin responds:

thank you!

LOL! Haha! Cool! Pretty Much Sums it Up!

Oh shit. Best scene ever. Also Giger. LOL.

KevinTrentin responds:

finally someone who mentions it