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Move - WASD or Arrow Keys
Examine - J or Space

Sheltered - GGJ 2019 Submission

this year's global game jam theme is "what home means to you". while a lot of people made games relating to family values, nostalgia, and homelands, we made something a little bit more personal.

the comforts of our home often make us feel safe and secure, but it may also become a crutch that prevents us from living

me (@Snackbyte) and alex (@Xelalanana) made a short game (around 5 to 15 minutes long) over 48 hours about what it's like. it's not exactly fun in the traditional sense of the word, but nevertheless we hope that the game is engaging and makes those emotions more understandable

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damn, such a simplified game can have a deep meaning. we find solitude and comfort in our own rooms but we fail to realize that sometimes, these rooms can become a prison. a prison that we can leave but choose not to. I was honestly expecting some undertale rip-off but here I am enjoying a symbolic insight of today's culture.

well done.

phenomenal. this game made me cry lol,,, can relate

I quite like this game! Sure, it's not traditionally entertaining, but I like the message you guys were trying to tell about people who struggle with depression or anxiety (at least, that's what I'm assuming this is all about).
Next time, though, maybe make what the player's supposed to do a little more clear? It looks like a lot of people are confused as to what the life bar is and what they're supposed to do to reach the ending. It took me a while to figure out too, and even then I wasn't really sure as to whether or not I was playing correctly.

Overall though, this is a pretty good first game! It's simple, has a message (even if it might be a bit unclear) and the art is cute.

It honestly isn't fun at all. Although the description pretty much sums everything up and telling us that home makes us safe and secure, their isn't much to the game itself. All you do is inspect the objects around you, look at the mirror, look at clothes, spend the whole day on social media then sleep. Then a pizza comes in and you can't do anything with it. What even is the point of the life bar anyway? It just decreases each day. I only made it to day 17 and have now stopped. Never playing this again unless they add something new to it that makes it enjoyable.

Xelalanana responds:

Hi! would just like to give a heads up that this might not exactly be "Fun" in a traditional sense, as we wanted to create something that lets you take a peek on the life of someone dealing with mental struggles (depression/anxiety) and what it's like to feel "Sheltered"

if you're still interested and would like to find out what happens, you can interact with the Pizza more than once which lets you eat and gain back 1 life :) The next days give you tiny hints and interacting with those let you gain lives as well. There's a total of 5 hearts to earn to reach the end! (It's short but personally I think the ending is worth reaching!)

Feel free to message us for any questions, concerns or if you ever get stuck :)

About pc, you should have done that player should unplug it also game reminds me of Yume Nikki or maybe because I played it earlier

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Jan 30, 2019
11:50 AM EST
Simulation - Other