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Apoapsis v1

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Apoapsis was developed in 18 days. You can beat it quickly, but it'll take you a bit more to find all the hidden items! 100 percent completion gets you an alternate ending.
(trailer shows how it plays on Windows)

WARNING: Does not run good on most browsers. I've optimized the game so much, but HTML5 seems to be the death of me. Most simple functions like alarms and math operations don't even carry over!

HOWEVER I literally started this project to post for Pixel Day 2019, so I'm posting it. But I'm sorry, you won't be getting the 60 fps, smooth experience you'd get if you got this on itch.io, or soon to be Steam.

UPDATE: I've found that the room size affects the fps dramatically. HTML5 is limited greatly by amounts of objects in a room, regardless of if they are active or not. Game will be updated with a new experience soon!

*Please judge on the artwork and pixels alone, not the slowness. If you'd like to experience the game, head to itch.io.

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the game is not loading