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Pico's Quick Pixel Adventure

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I teamed up with Leon-ex this year to actually MAKE something for this grand event, a little hop and bop platformer without the bop... but a little hop. Not a lot, but it's worth a shot... right?

Your mission, should you choose to not neglect it: Avoid the little critters that roam the Gladlands whilst making your way to the end of the level where a minor reward may wait.

Controls: Arrow keys to move and jump/double jump. And mind the double jump: sometimes Pico's rocket boosting shoes choose to malfunction.

It's a quick thing, composed of a combination of abandoned graphics from a previous game-making attempt that didn't make it/brand new ones for this little one, now craftfully crammed together thanks to Leon-ex's next-level coding sesh as a simple homage to what this day pays homage to, as a preview of things to come... and a very little bit of brittle fun. Enjoy the run!

And Happy Pixel Day.

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nice game

Cyberdevil responds:

Thank you, though zero stars...?

Trip to Pixelworld just blew my mind!!

Cyberdevil responds:

Glad you liked it. :)

ok this is good but where are the trees

Cyberdevil responds:

No trees. It's like Scotland. :P Thanks though!

Happy Pico Day !!!

Cyberdevil responds:

Happy Pico Day soon again! :)

this is a pretty solid. fits nicely with the music, too! sprite work could use a little work though, and the double jump would occasionally get stuck. im excited to see what else you'll put out this year!

Cyberdevil responds:

Yeah my sprites aren't really professional quality quite yet. :) Hoping to polish things a bit further before it's all over... glad you liked it though!