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ARROWS / DPAD = move/push
X/ A button = attack (after sword get)
Z/ X button = menu back
TAB/ SELECT = suicide

A puzzle game inspired by Adventures of LOLO.

Push the statues around. Push them into water to create bridges. Collect crystals. CAREFUL- when you collect all of the crystals, the statues come to life. Grab the sword from the chest to POWER UP. Use the sword to destroy your enemies and open the trap door. Defeat all 20 floors to clear the MAZE WARD.

- player's movement is now grid based
- fixed some minor bugs

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I enjoyed it. I think level 16 took me way too long. I enjoyed it. GJ

I like this game a lot. The premise is very smart, and the puzzle designs smarter.
With that said, I really wish it wasn't based on perfect execution; I don't like that I have to do everything I already did over again because of something I did after, such as dying or making an irreversible move. It's a puzzle, followed by a combat section where you only have one hit point, where if you die you're sent back to the beginning of the puzzle; It lets you get a taste, only to take it away at the last second.
Frustration is the feeling of being blamed for things that aren't your fault. It makes you feel powerless, like there is nothing you can do to get what you've invested energy into wanting, such as a good social standing or winning a web game. This is the antithesis of what games are supposed to do for you (unless you're some kind of masochistic bottom gimp or something).
The game punishes you for failures that definitely aren't your fault:
You are bad at the game, because the last enemy dropped a patch of grass you had no idea was poisonous, forcing you to start all over? doesn't sound fair to me; The game clearly failed to telegraph what happens after they die, since walking over previous enemies you've killed is perfectly acceptable.
Got the puzzle a solid 95.8% correct, but at the end found out you failed to do one tiny thing you weren't aware of till the end, and now you need to redo everything you already got right? Again, nope; the game should have better telegraphed all the elements that make up the puzzle, rather than putting them on opposite sides of the screen to help you forget about them (ask any user interface designer). On top of that, a puzzle with consequences is generally pretty conceptually bankrupt. Puzzles are supposed to be calm environments focused on discovery and learning from your mistakes; bullying someone does not make them learn, it just demoralizes them, makes them hate you, makes the frustrated.

The worst part was that the frustration never went away; it was consistent throughout the entire game, always coming up with new ways to torture me for trying to have fun, like the game was specifically engineered to create this feeling. Not a good time. The two stars are strictly for the Graphics and Music, which were both great.

very nice game, good difficult mechanic

Not bad for a 20 level puzzle game. The last 6 were a bit challenging. I would have liked to see some kind of character customization, or a way to personalize the character.

overall, it's a pretty solid game.


Did someone else find the secret password :D?

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3.83 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2019
6:44 AM EST
Puzzles - Other