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ARROWS / DPAD = move/push
X/ A button = attack (after sword get)
Z/ X button = menu back
TAB/ SELECT = suicide

A puzzle game inspired by Adventures of LOLO.

Push the statues around. Push them into water to create bridges. Collect crystals. CAREFUL- when you collect all of the crystals, the statues come to life. Grab the sword from the chest to POWER UP. Use the sword to destroy your enemies and open the trap door. Defeat all 20 floors to clear the MAZE WARD.

- player's movement is now grid based
- fixed some minor bugs

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I loved this game, it was a great puzzle game and has a fantastic art style that reminds me of nes titles like The Legend Of Zelda. The puzzles aren't overly easy or overly hard and provide a great intuitive experience!
Personally, it was a little annoying to move exactly a block and have the blending movement between because it provides the feeling of momentum which abruptly stops. But, that is just me being nit-picky, it wasn't that bad of an issue and honestly, I don't think that many people will care. Also, don't apologize for using a password system; it isn't a bad system and just created a more nostalgic feeling for me, which also made me enjoy the game some more!

great game

Didn't expect the helpful blocks to turn nasty! Good twist, especially with the aspect of having to think ahead where to put the blocks.

PS don't apologize for using the password system :)

Great game - tough but well worth the time, a perfect balance of puzzle and playability - well done!

lovely looking/sounding

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3.82 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2019
6:44 AM EST
Puzzles - Other