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Beat a BITSPACE Wave.

TOKEN 5 Points

Beat a TOKEN level.

Battery Archaeologist 10 Points

Locate the alien battery.

Panel Mastery 25 Points

Complete the challenge for all panels (get two blinking lights).

Author Comments

You play as an unnamed spaceman. In search of an alien battery powering rather frivolous pieces of technology. It seems, however, that the battery is locked away. You'll have to figure out how to use the machines in order to get to it.

WASD or Arrow Keys: Movement and Menu Navigation
N or Z: Interact and Select
M or X: Jump
Shift: Hold to increase movement speed and fine tune volume sliders.
Enter: Open Pause Menu and Exit Panel.
Hold Shift and Press Enter to re-open the tutorial page for panels.

This game was made for Newgrounds Pixel Day 2019

The game was programmed in Stencyl 3.4.0.
All art (c) copyright 2019, Tim Anfilofieff. It was made using MS Paint and Krita.
All music and sfx (c) copyright 2019, Tim Anfilofieff. They were made using FamiTracker.

This game is made in flash, I am aware of flash's dying state, but I've yet to gain an ability to build games in a different file type. This will very likely be the last game I make in flash.

Subtly inspired by the game The Witness.

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In the blue rocket game: if you die a couple of times the game gets SUPER laggy and unbeatable, but if you leave the screen and return to it it becames normal again (which means redoing the whole thing again if you had trouble in the last wave... looking at you 4-3 !!)
Other than that the whole concept was very interesting and I wonder what you'll do with this in your following works.
I loved the art of the overworld, but the music was just ok (the soul of 8-bit music is in catchy melodies that don't repeat that often to the point of annoyance. None of the songs were annoying, but neither lifted the gameplay experience as they could - or as I think a song could... why am I still rambling about music?)

JauqAr responds:

Glad you enjoyed my game. If I were to expand upon this game (don't know if I will) I'd like to make it more like the game The Witness, except with more mechanics per game and a few more minigames.

I definitely agree that the soul of any music is catchy melodies that don't repeat often.

Great until you made the second game needlessly, stupidly hard.

I hope there's a sequel that includes more types of games, more challenges, and has secrets!
Heck, even throw in a bit more platforming in the overworld, at least to find more elusive games!

JauqAr responds:

With the exception of a story, you've perfectly laid out everything that I wish to include in a possible sequel. I personally can't confirm anything, but be on a lookout.
Glad you enjoyed my game!

Pretty decent. The minigames are crazy challenging sometimes, that just makes it better.

JauqAr responds:

Glad you enjoyed my game and its difficulty.

4-3 is crazy unfair. I don't much like The Witness style overworld, it doesn't add much, i'd rather you just make 2 different games that were a bit more fleshed out

Edit: It's not that I don't like The Witness, but if you're gonna go that route you need to justify it with some meta game, rather than a super linear-platformer overworld, since it forced the main games to be an even smaller resolution. Honestly, if you had just released the yellow game and made it auto start the next level I would have voted higher. Likewise if you made the overworld less linear, with maybe branching paths in the choice of levels like Super Mario Bros 3, I would have voted higher.

JauqAr responds:

I personally like The Witness, hence the subtle inspiration. So, to each their own. I hope you still enjoyed your time in my game.

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2019
1:58 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle