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Thanks for the frontpage and happy Pixel Day!

Somewhere in the dark mazes beneath the temple of Tithonus a lost nymph seeks the way back to the world of daylight. However this journey won't be easy. Nobody can be sure that the chosen path is right in this cursed place.

You can toggle fullscreen and always run mode in options menu.

Left Arrow/Right Arrow/A/D - Move
Up Arrow/W/Space - Jump
Shift/Z/J - Run
E/X/K - Push/Pull
R - Restart Level

D-pad left/D-pad right/Left Stick - Move
A - Jump
LB - Run
RB - Push/Pull
Y - Restart Level


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I love it it really reminds me of those animations level up does like
can mario escape the giant pow
(I also contacted you on twitter to try and see if you can help on my game)

Nice game, fellow Construct dev. I'll tell you why the players keep saying that Z/J/Shift don't work. The way the game prompts run controls is very misleading: there's no indication that you can run in this game, so most players will try to tap those buttons to no avail; also, the shift button has an arrow on it, giving players a thought that something is up there; the thought is also strengthened by unnecessary placed blocks with the gaps just above the character and the coin. So, the players may think that in order to clear the level you should not jump over the gap, but use something to get to the ceiling and get to the other side from there (and no one bothers to read the manual). Was also the case for me, tbh - I tried tapping those buttons with no response, then tried to combo them with movement and noticed the running animation.

Wolod responds:

Thanks a lot for the feedback! I think that you're right. I have plans to make an extended version of this game. Going to explain controls much better there ;)

z, shift and j does not work

Wolod responds:

oh no :(

great game but z,j and shift do not work

Wolod responds:

Thanks for playing! That's a strange bug because everything works fine for me.

I'm not gonna lie. This game really kicked my ass on some levels.

Wolod responds:

Thanks for playing :)

Credits & Info

3.90 / 5.00

Jan 22, 2019
9:19 PM EST
  • Audacity
  • FL Studio
  • Paint.net
  • Construct 2