Robin's Deathbed DX

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DX stands for Deluxe because of extra content.

heres some links and stuff

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1:15. All that cancer finally took it's toll on Robin.

ill be the first to admit that this was amazing. the animations were well put together the jokes all relevant to the actual comics (barring spider man and Leonardo still trying to figure that one out.) and im not sure you realized this or not but alien was originally owned by dc comics so you ended up having another dc moment anyway. ill say though that the funniest part is when they think robins gonna make it back but a new season of ttg comes out and dies thus officially ending an era of better tv shows

Ant0on responds:

Man, I think you're the first person who mentioned about the alien haha. Even though I never planned to use the facehugger as a comic reference, according to you, this makes a lot more sense now. The simple reason I went for the alien is because Beastboy can transform to any living creature in the comics, and because Starfire is an alien it would be more suitable to kill her as another alien. Also, another major factor is that facehuggers are really easy to use for a quick death.
Anyway, thanks for the detailed comment, glad you liked this

I enjoyed the reactions I received from sharing this with a few of my friends far more than I did watching it myself.

I don't mind TTG. There are a handful of really bad episodes and really good episodes. It's a mixed bag of quality, but the movie was fairly enjoyable, and I'm eager for the next one coming out. I still want to see DC finish up the original series properly while continuing to support TTG and that live action show on their streaming service.

Poor Tera she had to see all her friends die in front of her
Poor Spider-Man he was just visiting and got killed

um...can you made the adventure time's finn and steven universe's steven quartz universe deathbed?

Ant0on responds:

Finn's one is coming soon, but cant talk about steven

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Jan 17, 2019
4:10 PM EST