Robin's Deathbed DX

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DX stands for Deluxe because of extra content.

heres some links and stuff

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Really have no idea what this is about at this point but I do love the animation... and the darkness. So perceptible. Sad and comical at the same time... it walks a strange line between the two. Why so serious? That's the question indeed...


The animation was great and all, but the plot is kinda wierd.

Ok...Quite a number of problems.

1. You have done stuff like this b4 with other chars (Sonic, PPG, Homer) So this whole shtick is Unoriginal (Hell, The ones I mentioned are pretty much the same just with different chars. Thankfully they don't have one of the attendees go crazy and kill even more chars like this one does, but still)

2. Part of the joke Is how TTG killed The OG Teen Titans...Which has been done to death, Weren't that funny in the first place, and full of shit. But even then this fails cuz...Did we really need to see them die this brutally?

I mean, I'm not trying to sound like one of those guys who get salty over a fictional char dying in some fan animation...What I'm saying is that 90% of the disturbing scenes were not necessary (Robin Dies cuz of TTG. That's it. that's all you gotta show to get the joke across) and kinda in poor taste. Speaking of which

3. How is this funny? Like, I don't mind dark humor, but...Here's there's not even really a joke other than the TTG thing I mentioned and How BB dies (Which just comes across as jarring than funny) What was the point? What's the joke? Is there even Point and/or Joke? From what I've seen, no there isn't...It's just some Dark vid being dark for the sake of being Dark...And unintentionally causes darkness induced audience apathy.

4. WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO MAKE THIS A SERIES! Look, People can make whatever they want n stuff, But you still gotta ask why they would want to do certain things sometimes. And This I think is one of those times. Cuz Who would want to watch vids of random beloved chars dying tragically and brutally? And not in some epic way like Death battle or Parody way like in Robot Chicken, but in a slow, drawn out, cookie cutter way with no variety.

Which brings me to the last point, one for these vids as a whole: 5. There's no variety most of the time. No surprises, no twist, nothing. Like take other Shows Like HTF They have variety, not just in deaths either. Sometimes there's just regular jokes, Sometimes it's actually sweet, Sometimes you actually want a char to survive even though that goes against what the shows about! There's more then just Waiting for a char to die. There's actual Plots.

Here? A character dies. People cry over it. Padded out for a full minute. That's it! Wow...What a great series (Sarcasm)

Antoons, if you're reading this. I don't hate you. You have talent and potential, But this ain't it chief. Not asking you to stop, but maybe shake things up a bit...In a lighter way? With actual jokes that haven't been told to death...Or just have Jokes in general.

And Have variety for gosh sake! Seriously, Take Sonic's funeral and PPG funeral for exp! IT'S THE SAME VID! Sure there's some minor changes but it's pretty obvious it's the same and you didn't try too hard.

Ugh...Anyway maybe things will change. But if not...This is gonna be a long ride.

I'm not really sure what to say at this point, I mean the animation was very good and all, but the way the plot was shown is bad to be honest.

You could've put more time into the video's plot, but I still loved the animation and the voice acting.

Good job.

I get R.I.P Teen Titans, but Spider-Man? Why him?

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Jan 17, 2019
4:10 PM EST