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Within legend of the Elves .75 beta

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Author Comments

My first RPG Maker game which is the start of the Within follows a group of elves coming to the human territory to warn humans of demons coming from the Black Stone that they dropped on the elves to end the human elf war 20 years ago.

Simple ATB battle system (Yanfly's ATB)
5 Playable characters
Decent Challenge
Good Story
2-4 hours of gameplay

Update! Within: Legend of the Elves .75 was updated to more reflect the final version of the game

Major Changes include:
Armour Change: Armour pieces are now main armour and no longer provide health bonus

Actor and Enemy Changes

Weapon & Skill rebalance.

Boss Tactics.

For a full list of changes visit my Patreon page linked below

If you enjoy the game follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Patreon with the links below to keep updated on the latest news and products from dzgentertainment.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dzgentertainment/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dzgentertain
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/dzgentertainment

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I liked what I played and wanted to continue, but it was unplayable. In the first camp, when you have 2 party members, it became impossible. ALL weapons broke, so I could not attack or use skills. I tried to push through with magic, but I also became muted. The archers can charm, but you have no way to undue it. There isn't even a save spot so I could keep reloading after battles to cheese my way around equipment breaking. There is no shop, so I couldn't even buy items to undue status ailments that the enemies can cast on you or buy more weapons. You need to change their skills, or give items to undue them to make it playable. You also need to make the basic items unbreakable in the first area. Sure the whip or the sword with +5 damage can break, but at least allow us to have something to get through the battles. I got hopeful when I got the claymore from the chest, so both party members could attack again, but it was not equip-able for anyone.

Everything is there to make a great game, but as is, it is broken.

Dzgentertainment responds:

Thanks for the heads up updating this version some time this month with the changes that fix the issue.

I love seeing games in this format. However, either I suck at this game or it's ridiculously hard. I keep dying when you start adventuring on your own.

Real potential here and excellent game play looking forward to new features

Credits & Info

3.10 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2019
2:40 PM EST