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#ZettaiAbsolute Collaboration: Ping Pong Joint

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+40 Animators animate a fun, long game of ping pong which progressively gets more intense as the game goes on.

A Tribute to Ping Pong the Animation.

Each of the animator's twitter tags are in the name tags in the video! Support us animators trying to improve their craft!

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Hosted by Hix (Turdle)
Compiled and Edited by Guzzu and ZucchiniJuice

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Really cool to see how such a simple thing can really be taken! Gaining not just intensity along the way but also both color and perspective, each time something new. Thought I might want to start skimming but... this had me hooked all the way. It's amazing how much a beating that single ball can sustain. XD Awesome work all.

Now I just gotta see that Ping Pong the Animation...


this was cool!

i agree