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Author Comments

Characteristics of the game

Hexroes is a 1-action turn-based resource strategy game which each player fights for supremacy of a hexagonal board. Sharing the same resources, the players can choose tiles from a pool of characters of the RPG genre and put them onto a board. Each turn, players receive points according to their own characters, getting closer and closer to beat the enemy.

Since both players pick tiles from the same place, named “Pool Tile”, they have to think carefully which tile to send to the board and which tile to leave for the opponent on the next turn. In order to maximize their own gains and minimize their losses, the players have to care about the tile’s classes, powers, positions, and abilities.

The game currently has 17 different characters with unique effects. You’ll find six green minions, a paladin, priest, wizards, thief, bard, necromancer, knight, and a weird abomination. All of them spread in three different categories:

Minions [Green Tiles]: Permanent tiles that can buff each other. They should be positioned very close to each other in order to make the best use of their buff ability.

Class [Purple Tiles]: Permanent and more situational tiles. Each one has a single consumable ability triggered when the player wants. It counts as an action (pass the turn). All the abilities are designed to provide for the player tools to destroy, cancel, buff, debuff or steal other tiles. Usually, the player who makes the better use of the class tiles wins.

Abomination [Red Tiles]: Temporary tile that has the power of multiplied by the number of abominations that already went to the board. It is also a good tool to win the game, even more, if well “predicted” inside the pool tile.

Board: Place where the players send the tiles. Each chosen position inside the board provides instant points when a player put a tile. Also, the board starts with a very small quantity of available positions and start growing along the match.

Pool Tile: The Pool Tile is the zone where the players pick tiles. Only from the bottom, only one tile can be chosen to be sent to the board a turn. At the beginning of each turn, it also shifts according to the chosen position on the last turn. The Pool Tile is in a constant logical movement and it can also be another tool to beat the

The last update is all dedicated to UI stuff:
- nicer UI animation transition between the players' turns;
- added a bloom, vignette, auras, and particles that change according to the color of the player who's currently winning the game;
- a lot of animations were speeded up;
- added trail, particles and camera/score shake when a player scores points;

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I start the game, the time I read and try to understand something, the computer makes me pass my turn.

I wish the game didn't pause when you change tabs. I would like to let the computer make its moves whilst I am on another tab.

lagrangespot responds:

Oh, thank you for the suggestion. I'm adding it for the next update!

A lot of the abilities only seem to work for the computer and the tile draw method seems to favor the computer as well. Not impressed just annoyed.

lagrangespot responds:

I'm sorry, could provide more information about the abilities that are only working for the computer? Just tested all of them and they seem to be fine.

To make it fair if you are playing against another human, the draw method favors the current player. So, both can "use" it.

Thanks for the feedback!

Info about tiles and units doesn't work at all. After playing them i can see there ability, but not on my turn. What does the green numbers mean? Why are some units purple, some green?

Also, once a unit has been chosen, it can't ne deselected and has to be played. Is this on purpose?

lagrangespot responds:

Hello, here are some additional explanations:

"After playing them i can see there ability" The input works if you click on the tiles. I might change it to hover if I see many people complain about it!

"What does the green numbers mean?" they mean that those tiles arrived onto the board on this specific turn.

"Why are some units purple, some green?" I just added this information to the description. Sorry, my bad to not make it clear in there.

"Also, once a unit has been chosen, it can't ne deselected and has to be played. Is this on purpose?" The answer is yes, you have to play or at least use one purple ability during your turn.

Thanks for the feedback and please stay tuned, I am working in an update for the game!

Credits & Info

3.22 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2019
5:49 AM EST