Deep Heat

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Don your flamethrower, your CO2 canisters, your dancing shoes - fire & flounce your way through the deepest, darkest, hottest, hungriest underground bunker in history.

* 10 floors of mayhem - with 6 unique enemy types.
* 15 upgrades - including sprinklers, big sacks, hot feet and night vision.
* Money? Money! Fire!

Move - W, A, S, D / Arrow keys
Shoot Fire - Left mouse button
Shoot CO2 - Right mouse button

Feedback/Bugs: feel free to reach out on Twitter (@forcehabit)

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The game is fun, the grafics and musics aren't bad, but there's something about the character that doesn't control properly, I think he's a tad too big compared to the enemies swarming around him, sometimes making your way through them is frustrating and outright impossible due to the small rooms and his height, being surrounded means almost certain death in any sitaution, which is maybe a tad too much.

But while that might be due to my incompetence, there actually is something worth noting that needs fixing. More than one time I walked into the stairs and died right afetr that because the character walked into a flame while the screen dissolved to black.This is because, as a player, I have been thought that once I reach mygoal I should be done worrying and I sometimes keep pushing forward out of instinct because, normally, walking into stairs makes the character disappear entirely. It would be much better if the character simply vanished from the room or, at least, became invulnerable after touching what is defined as the goal of the level. It's frustrating to complete a room and die just because you slid a bit to the right after winning, especially because with the screen fading and the zoom happening I might end up a bit confused as to were these flames are and while the solution would simply be lifting my fingers from the keyboard it doesn't come instinctive as I want to be ready when the next room appear, and it doesn't take much.

That said, this is very solid and I can't give it less then 4 stars. Good job!

I rated a 3 because I can't actually play it.
You see, rightclick doesn't work on flash games for me.
So, without the ability to change controls, I am unable to play.

dont like the controls and flamethrower goes away after a couple of fires

This game got good potential, but the flamethrower stopped woriking after the first few seconds of each level.

Surprisingly (and even somewhat) fun.

A nifty game in the... OH JESUS H CHRIST WHAT IS THAT SOUND MAKE IT STOP IM BLEEDING FROM MY INTERNAL ORGANS OH ... phew, thank god for the mute button. Anyway, that's a cewl top-view shooter you have there.

Gameplay wise, the game is crafted neatly. I love the idea of being punished for your misses (in the form of having less space to circlestrafe in) and the flames staying makes for a decent trap making potential, though the invinciblity frames the enemies recieve make em generally not as effective (except on the level 7, where you literally lay all the flames at te central spawn. Also the last level), though i do get a need for em.

I wholeheartedly feel this game is best experienced without any upgrades at all. I did beat the game without them (except for the basement key one, to save some time), first as a challenge of sorts, but then realizing that most of them are a huge hinderance anyway. There were literally zero situations where my ammo would run out. Simply shooting dem monsters (ghosts? What the hell are those anyways?) worked fine for the first 6 levels, since you just get your ammo back, even if you don't shoot. From the seventh level onward, i had to prefire near the spawns, in order to not be overwhelmed afterwards. The levels themselves do feature a good balance of enemy spawns' memorization and need of mechanical ability in order to progress. Just be sure to not be cornered (as is the case with every 2d zeldalikes), and you'll generally be fine.

The upgrades themselves aren't thought out as good as they could be. I'd argue you don't need unlimited fire, since again, you are being punished for every miss you make anyway, and you can't really stack the damage as effectively. Also, you simply can't run out of stock ammo, only if you try hard enough i suppose. Unupgraded CO2 is plain useless, and i didn't find many situations where i'd use the upgraded one anyway. Health vision is just redundant, hot feet are just dangerous to take, and overall, i'd recommend only getting the health upgrades, and only if you are struggling. The enemies, while offering decent variety for such a small game, are fairly easy to counter and predict.

And yeah, while i haven't found any bugs, the audio is just atrocious. The music feels overlycompressed, and the sounds don't have as much impact and/or punch. The artstyle is also somewhat plain, and there's no story to keep you engaged (I mean come on, even the ending is dull as heck).

Overall, i feel that the main problem is the fragile triality of (most) enemies having at least 2 health, them having invincibility frames and the flames being very abundant on screen (not even mentioning the contracting space). Some thought must be put into levels and mechanics, and some more engaging storytelling must be presented. 5/10.

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3.29 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2019
4:27 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional