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I am 19 now(Animated Song)

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Continuing the tradition of uploading a song every birthday.
Here's another animated song.
I am 19 now.
The song is sort of a continuation of some short animations and artworks I posted on my socials. But I tried my best to make it self-explanatory.

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Very nice

So this was kind of like a music video of some sort but then you go into some nice dialog at the end, anyways great video here nice music and good animation you should do more of these types they are pretty entertaining nice animation here and I look forward to more.

make more like this


Growing old is mandatory.
Growing up is optional my friend.

Deegaishmaan maan bhava, sarvassreshta bhava.

Happy birthday fellow Indian man. May your animations still grace the wondrous site that is Newgrounds.

DIWAKAR responds:

Thanks a lot man.

Awesome Work, it's very funny

DIWAKAR responds:

Thank you

This song really reminds me of some other song hmm... can't quite place it. Is there any intentional reference? Enjoying the twists here, fun twists in the beginning with the ear, the room, etc but... it took a dark turn towards the end there! Is that... death? Depression? The always-present darkness just waiting to consume us if we fall? If is there but... the world's not all bleak and black either! 19: it's just the beginning! Happy Birthday somehow doesn't seem that suitable to say right now but eh... hope you had one. Somewhat.

Anyway this was really well-done. Simple animation, but well-paced and smooth, good pace, good music (I mean your voice isn't amazing but: with that guitar it's not bad!), a really ominous finale too... nice sound design for the new partner too... interesting to see what kind of presence he might have in next year's animation. The LazyMuffin inspiration seems clear btw but I'm glad you're doing these too. Could be a fun wave for a lot of artists to jump on.


DIWAKAR responds:

Thanks a lot dude. Happy to know that you enjoyed it.

It was great when I was 19

Now I'm 36

It seems you know what you're going to expect from here on out.

DIWAKAR responds:

Thanks a lot.
Yeah I hope it doesn't get worse.