M'Lady (Resident Evil 2 Remake Reaction)

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Started work on this the day after viewing the 2018 Sony E3 conference and uh...Yeah. A week later this was birthed.

As a very long time fan of the RE series (started young...like age 3/4) I was very much taken aback at first with the 2 remake and the...um..artistic choices. This quick animation showing one of my views.
Still don't get Mr. X's design choice with the fedora and still wondering how it stayed on if they kept his original dropping-into-the-RPD-via-capsule entrance/cutscene.

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Overall, somewhat humorous. Also, to answer a quick question; the fedora is from an incredibly early design they had of Mr. X during the production of the original Resident Evil 2. The more you know. :D

Even though this is short, the animation is really damn good. I wonder what this could have been like if it was made to be longer. I did get a laugh at the choice in credit music, I think we can all say Resident Evil: Director's Cut: Dualshock Edition's soundtrack was a total trainwreck, lmao.

NannaMelissa responds:

Thank you my dude! I did kinda rush this animation..like really hardcore. But with his fedora, I know it came from concept art but I'm just wondering how he not only obtained his hat but how it stayed on. If they have him enter like in the original via capsule plopped down by a chopper, it would come off while descending. Maybe he just finds it or he has another way of popping into the story...I just have many questions.

Also with the director's cut soundtrack...yeah the basement music is terrible but compare the music for the Black Tiger fight. Tbh, it's worse than the basement.

eh It was mediocre

NannaMelissa responds:

I mean..you right.

Good Work!!!

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Jan 11, 2019
5:24 AM EST
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