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Modern Sonic Meets Boom Sonic in Sonic Forces

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Boom Sonic runs into Modern Sonic. He makes him angry and stuff.

This video was originally uploaded to my YouTube channel on October 8, 2016.


MugiMikey: Modern Sonic, Boom Sonic, AoStH Sonic, Dreamcast Sonic
TheOnlyFlorence: Destructive Robot the Robot
KoVox: Aaron Webber
Goose: A goose

Special thanks to my patrons that helped make this video possible:

Alicia Nichols

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*in a monotone voice* boom sonic is perfect here

CC: ! who are you
CC: i'm you
CC: you can't be me i'm me

10/10 Yet another quality movie! Keep this up buddy.

Hipster Boom Sonic seems rather annoying, glad Modern Sonic's new friend took care of it though. I am going to guess Classic Sonic is not a fan of watching his other incarnations get smashed and destroyed.

For some reason this is really making me think of the Foamy and Germaine sketches. XD As soon as they really started talking... I mean that in a good way. Btw. Good fun.