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Modern Sonic & Classic Sonic Meet Dreamcast Sonic in Sonic Forces

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Because people seem to think Dreamcast Sonic and Modern Sonic are the same entity, it was time to set the bar straight. This one was a really fun one to make.

This was originally uploaded to my YouTube channel on October 2, 2016 as "Modern Sonic & Classic Sonic Meet Dreamcast Sonic in 2017." Y'know, because Sonic Forces' title still had yet to be revealed.


MugiMikey: Modern Sonic, Classic Sonic, Dreamcast Sonic
TheOnlyFlorence: Destructive Robot the Robot

Special thanks to the patrons that helped make this cartoon possible:

Sebastian Alarcon Carrillo
Alicia Nichols

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Sunday Sunday shut the fuck up
HAHAHAHHAHAHÆA e funni did *laugh*

Too much cursing, this should be rated M.

All comes down to "Sunday Sunday, Shut the fuck up!" LMAO!

ROLF I went nuts when he did the Sonic Adventure pose and when they did the Sonic heroes pose and Classic told him to shut up ^.^; your animations are awesome, with great voice acting too

At least Dreamcast Sonic felt more like, you know, normal Sonic. You know what I am talking about. Compare both of them being in the prison.
If the only things that Dreamcast Sonic says are shitty repeatable lines, then why Modern Sonic doesn't try to make a dumb pun?
I don't give a fuck if it's a comedy, but you just push your own opinions in your work and hopelessly trying to do a comedy out of it. Fucking ten outta ten, dude. Ten out of ten.