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Modern Sonic Meets Classic Sonic in Sonic Forces

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This cartoon was the one to revitalize my YouTube channel since it was dying a slow, painful death in 2016. I took my good buddy JessePajamas' advice and worked with the algorithm instead of uploading whatever I wanted. And hey, it really worked. Thanks, Jesse.

This video was originally uploaded to my YouTube channel on August 24, 2016 as "Modern Sonic Meets Classic Sonic in 2017" because Sonic Forces' title wasn't revealed yet, only going by "Project Sonic 2017."

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thats not going to happen

Susnic vs clASSic susnic

Christ almighty

totinoz totinoz hot pizza, rolls, totinoz totinoz everybodys talkin' bout totinoz

You'd better be really seeing those too! :D This franchise could use some drastic changes hmm... not that I know what's been going on it for a while now, but at least that's the impression I get with these. Yet it seems more popular than ever with the parodies... good fun.