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Author Comments

Blockrush is a simple puzzle game created in Lua, using Pico 8. We made the first version in two days for the Pixeler’s game jam. Because we liked the concept, we decided to continue it’s development. The concept is simple : you play as a cube in a 2D world. When you move, you cannot stop until you reach a solid object. To finish a level, get to the treasure chest ! There are also hidden crowns that you can (you don’t have to) pickup during your play. Please note that we will add the credits in a future update.

Controls :
Menu :
Left, right, up and down arrow to navigate
X, V, or M to enter
C, Z, or N to go back

In game :
Move with arrow keys
X, V, or M to reset the level, or to teleport if on a teleporter
C, Z, or N to go back to the menu

Objects :
Treasure chest : pick it up to finish the level
Crown : an optional collectible that can be picked up in each level, picking it up brings you to the start of the level.
Orb : stops you on your track and allows you to change direction.
Teleporter : teleports you to the teleporter of the corresponding color when X, V, or M is pressed.
Wall teleporter : teleports you to the corresponding teleporter on the same line when moving towards it. Your direction remains the same.
Electricity : kills you whenever you touch it.
Wall spikes : kills you if you move towards them.
Arrow : changes your direction to the arrow’s direction.
Wannabe block : this block is solid, but gets destroyed if you move towards it from far enough.

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Very interesting, it's a shame that there are no badges for completing the levels, but for the most part it's a pretty good game!

Cute game, would love to see what it looks like after more objects are introduced to help and hinder the player. I do wish there was more music other than menu and in-game because it did get a bit annoying after 4 levels.

oskar-codes responds:

Thank you for your feedback! We will add more items, and we are working on a new music soundtrack. If the music annoys you, you can pause the game (press P or enter), and then navigate to "toggle music", and then hit X to disable music.

Well done. This was lots of fun. Managed to complete it with all crowns. Easy enough to pick up, but the later levels start to get a little challenging. Most of it could be understood without having to read the instructions regarding the different objects (difficult feat to achieve considering the graphic constraints.)

The difficulty ramped up nicely, but overall it was a little on the easy side. Would definitely like to see more levels.

oskar-codes responds:

Thanks for the feedback ! We are constently designing and creating levels, so you should see more of them added to the game in the future.

It's a fun puzzler. Maybe a bit too easy considering that I managed to get all the crowns without much issues and I'm usually not that good at puzzle games. It's fun though, so I wouldn't mind seeing more of this.

oskar-codes responds:

Thank you for your feedback ! For now there are only 8 levels, but we plan on adding much more, and the difficulty would then increase.

Credits & Info

3.16 / 5.00

Jan 4, 2019
11:00 AM EST
  • PICO-8