Madness SpeedRage 4 collab

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Are you ready for another bloodbath?

Collab Organizer: Djjaner (Intro clip)


If I'm on someone forgot to write me a private message. Thanks!

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is a fuking nice collab, soundtracks please


I am fucking pumped. really gets the adrenaline going.

Better on average than I was expecting. Still not nearly as high-profile as, say, WhiteHank. I have to say that most of the clips at least had some cool kills.
@Djjaner's opening clip was cool, though slower. A nice way to start. Smooth animation and badass/original kills (sometimes). However, the sound effects were too much and made the repetitive shooting kills much worse. @EviltRoTo's clip had weight, but was pretty slow and kind of stiff. @Kazo had some strategy involved, was fast and had really cool kills. Kazo, I haven't seen you before, but I like you. @thece's clip was really cool, especially that second part (if that was thece). A fun and fast-paced bloodbath. The Hank part was just kind of boring though. @Zapchon's part wasn't that interesting, though well animated. Some nice kills, but not revolutionary. @A-Max, again, had weight, and was pretty satisfying. Maybe it was a little slow or a bit stiffp'll or something, but still satisfying. That one ATP guy aimed like a Storm Trooper though, he couldn't hit Tricky 3 feet away from him. @SentryTurbo's part was very fluid and had detailed movement. The blood effects were really nice too, and there was some cool strategy. @EKKiro's part was quite boring, a lot of shooting, the startegy seemed pretty pointless. You need to practise. Go and experiment a bit with different things. Maybe it was the time limit of the collab. Andy442's clip had nice animation, but not very much action or cool moves. Thece's second part was quick and pretty fun, though a bit incomprehensible with the first melee hit it seems. Not really any super cool kills but a nice little clip. Djjaner's next clip was short but had some nice flips ad stuff, I like how he actually managed to shoot Jebus. Not really any super cool kills though. @Bantuatha, I'm sorry, but you need to practice a lot. The aiantion was quite choppy in your part. You had some interesting kills in the second room, but for the most part it wasn't too interesting ad the animation stuck out very much. Also, I don't get why Jebus threw his gun at the wall at one point. Couldn't he have thrown it in the guy's face? Be careful in the future with stuff like that, use any opportunity you can to incorporate battle strategy into your stuff. @Electronic-Headphone's part wasn't great in terms of aniamtion, though it was somewhat better. It went overboard on the blood in osme places, but had some cool moves. I'm assuming @Agent5043 is Agent ATP. You would have had a cool kill with Tricky throwing the engineer into the ceiling if it wasn't slow and weightless. I notice you put in his body a bit later, but maybe some blood dripping from it or it falling down would have been better. The rest was pretty slow and boring, and MAG Hank was killed way too easily. @Mr-Musikant's part had pretty nice animation, though it wasn't very interesting until the end. I liked the way the SWAT ATP's swing was animated. DatSimple (?) animated their part nicely. There were some cool kills, effects and strategy. @MJorik's part wasn't badly animated and had some OK kills, but it was too fast with the cuts and the Auditor battle, the ending was a cop-out and there wasn't very gory. ATP's next part was choppy again, but it had some nice kills and I liked the weight of the shotgun shots. The part after that (which one of you rascals did that?) was very well animated, had awesome gore and was fast-paced. I loved the fight between the two guys. @omega17172's part had a nice idea with the shadow Hank being a distraction, but it was a lot of Hank shooting people and then getting shot. @DoiCi was a lot of shooting, but it was nicely animated with gore, though it did seem a bit not-fluid sometimes. Iron Rod's part was really cool because it was such satisfying melee, and even though it was just a guy beating the shit out of another guy with no resistance, it had weight and was just cool with the moves and everything. @Agmon525's bit was kinda choppy but fast in a cool way, with some cool kills. It was a bit too linear and shooty though. @RAI4AN, you've improved a lot since I last saw youm the throwback style you used was interesting, though not as satisfying. The only somewhat interesting kill was Tricky's. Keep it up though, you seem to have been working hard all this time! JDX had some really nice gore, kills and strategy. It was also satisfying to finally see the Moustache Star destroyed. Next up, another RAI4AN bit. I liked the strategy here, and the guy who turned into a blue screen was pretty funny. You should avoid ending on memes though, especially dead ones that take away the satisfaction of a guy getting destroyed. @kalema's ending seemed more fast than fluid, but I liked the hyperviolence that came from that speed. It felt brutal. The last shot was pretty anticlimactic though, and uhhh... didn't look that great.
Overall, this was a fun collab to watch, with newer animators also practising and improving. It could have been a lot better, even on the experienced animators' sides, but it was still fun.

Bantuatha responds:

Revolver has 6 ammo limited.

Agent5043 responds:

Well I tried my best and I really wanted some tiny details but... Was lazy.

kRyyNG responds:

You missed me((

RAl4AN responds:

Soo big thanks to you my bros

thece responds:

the second part of jebus stuff is kryy stuff,but i finished some stuff for him like feeting,......

Electronic-Headphone responds:

i also expected better animation from myself, but in my opinion, it wasnt that shit, cuz i had 3 months break :D and ur right, the last 3 seconds, could be much better, thx for constructive critics

Just perfect. Good job.

kRyyNG responds:

Its pretty far from perfect...
Ever heard of Whitehank2?

Electronic-Headphone responds:

kRyy stop pretending that r so selfish man :D

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