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Battle of The Cells

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Use WASD to move and the arows to shoot. To replay just refresh the page. Restart button will be added in future updates. The health bar is not showing for some weird reason but it will also be fixed(you have 3 lives). Have fun!

This game is nowhere near finish so please comment down bellow any problems you have with the game.

-The war between The Cells and The Bacteria has been fought even before men were created. You, Defension, are our last chance! Please help us!-

Battle of The Cells is a randomly generated Rogue-lite. Help The Cells fight agains The Dark Lord Pneumonius and free The Cells from slavery!
This game is in a very early stage but I wanted to share it with the rest of the world for some feedback!
For now you only fight bacterias in a randomly generated dungeon, but later i will add Bosses and many enemies to fight against. Stay tuned for more!

Dont hesitate to share any bugs or glitches.

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nice game bro :D

CristiBala24 responds:

Thanks! ^_^

I like the game itself only it could be cool if there would be in default better range or moving faster! Other wise this game is good!
P.S. keep the good work! :)

CristiBala24 responds:

Hey, thank you for playing my game! I actually made the character faster and i will keep in mind to change the range. Stay tuned for future updates and for more content ;)!

Hi! The game seems like a cool idea, but I have a few small things that may fix it; The players health is a little be to small, as I died several times, by just some small green blobs, and I think it would be a good idea to go over the movment code again and to try and implement diagonals.
Overall, cool game!

CristiBala24 responds:

Thanks for playing my game. I will surely introduce diagonal movement as it seems very requested by everyone who played my game.

It's a solid foundation for a game. The lack of diagonal movement is kind of annoying.
The AI could also use some improvements, it's way too easy to just get the enemies that follow you stuck in corners and then just kill them with no effort.
The combat is also a bit basic, maybe add some different power-ups that you can collect as you progress.

CristiBala24 responds:

As i wrote in the description, the game need a lot more work. I actually intended on havin power ups that could drop randomly from the mobs, and also there are items scattered around the world if you explore carefully. Besides the power-ups do you have other ideas which would make the combat more fun ?
Thanks for playing!