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Danger Joe 3D

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Escape from the alien infested lab in this Wolfenstein 3D style FPS

Move: WASD
Shoot: Left mouse button
Open doors: Space
Run: Shift

Based on the JavaScript version of Wolfenstein 3D by id software: https://github.com/id-Software/wolf3d-browser
This game is GPL licenced.

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Крутая пародия на Wolfenstein 3D!


its very wolfenstein like. so does this use the actual javascript engine or is it a modified version? what did you use to create the game?

IamJonathan responds:

The code is a slightly modified version of id's official javascript port of Wolfenstein 3D. The only things I changed are the level loading code (couldn't figure out the original binary format), removed episode select, changed boss health and damage, special effects like the disco lights and I made mouselook work again (they used an old API).

Very epic, but I couldn't pass any levels because they're really confusing. Also, all I can think about when playing this is Joe Danger.

If more enemies types and weapons were present and the game had secret passages (you press against a wall to open them; Wolfenstein had them), the game would've been fun. As it stands, it really isn't for a lot of reasons:
- The red stickman enemies clashed with the levels since they looked so poorly designed. Also, it seemed strange that they sometimes were killed with one shot and other times, it required 2 or 3. I will stay that making it so they died more often when you took them by surprise was a nice touch though.
- The boss was just a blob with a face. It was near impossible to avoid getting hit by it; it can hit you from far away and will hit on you on sight so trying to shoot it while peaking around a corner is useless (I can only name a few times where this worked. On my second attempt, I literally stood in front of it and kept firing, left to get health, and repeated until it died.
- It was extremely easy to get lost in the game since artwork was scarce and nearly all of the rooms contained no objects or identifying marks. While it is true that I've gotten lost in Wolfenstein as well, it certainly wasn't to this degree.
- What is the point of having a "secret ratio"? There were no secrets and if there were, there certainly wasn't one in every level.
- Having customizable controls was a good idea.
- The enemies made one sound and that was it. It was a subtle sound so it was sometimes hard to tell how many enemies had seen you when they all play at once.
- This game had nothing new compared to the original Wolfenstein. I'd understand making this game to train yourself to make games, but it wouldn't be a good idea to release it.

I hope you will continue to train yourself in making games and I wish you luck!

IamJonathan responds:

Thank you for the feedback!

I think I didn't make it clear enough in the description, but this game is literally the official JavaScript port of Wolfenstein 3D with new graphics, sounds and levels. That's why it has a secret ratio, because I didn't change that part of the code. That is also where the customizable controls come from. That thing where you sometimes kill enemies in one shot and sometimes in multiple is exactly the same as in the original Wolfenstein 3D.

I didn't make better enemy sprites because I needed a lot of them (50 to be exact) and I didn't want to spend forever drawing them. I got used to them but I can see why other people don't like them.

Anyway, good luck to you too!

Credits & Info

3.21 / 5.00

Dec 31, 2018
5:10 AM EST
  • Paint
Misc. Kit
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Wolfenstein 3D JS
  • Yoyo Games - GameMaker 8 Sprite Editor