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Reviews for "Danger Joe 3D"

Very epic, but I couldn't pass any levels because they're really confusing. Also, all I can think about when playing this is Joe Danger.


Крутая пародия на Wolfenstein 3D!

Well, Wolfenstein did age a little bit like this thing did.

I really, really wish that more effort went into the art for the sprites though.

its very wolfenstein like. so does this use the actual javascript engine or is it a modified version? what did you use to create the game?

IamJonathan responds:

The code is a slightly modified version of id's official javascript port of Wolfenstein 3D. The only things I changed are the level loading code (couldn't figure out the original binary format), removed episode select, changed boss health and damage, special effects like the disco lights and I made mouselook work again (they used an old API).