Childish Gambino : Auto Oreo

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Childish Gambino's Oreos have been stolen! Fight against the perpetrators to retrieve them!


Hey guys. So currently, there are still a few issues with this game. I'll be looking for ways to fix these issues, so please bear with me. This is the first game I've ever programmed and the HTML5 version was pretty much an after thought.

Know Bugs/ Issues
- Game seems to lag a lot.
-Sometime you will get stuck moving in one direction. Simply press in the direction you are stuck in to free yourself.
-Sometimes there is a slight pause before the song restarts.
-Currently no way to save and load save files.

Visit my website for more info and to download the Windows version, which is more stable. http://www.Oditharge.com/Oreo

Additional Remix Tracks

Beta Testers

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This is the best proof for a god i can find right now.

absurd funny and fun, major complaint is the the bullshit shields, for a boss rush esque game all the bosses aren't that interesting and rely too much on just shielding shots, also the milk goes out over time as well making it very hard, also the curve on those projectiles is almost unpredictable, also the music is great. also it is very vague on what breaks the shield

this is america

God, I love this game. It oozes so much personality. This is seriously underrated. This is probably my favorite game that I've seen on the UJ queue in the past two weeks.

After having played it a couple more times, I would heavily disagree with the other reviews that the gameplay is bad. It may be a bit unwieldy but it's a consequence of the mechanics that play a lot into aiming requirements and positioning.

I felt like the milk system could've been done a bit better though, it's kind of hard to die unless you're not paying attention.

Funny storyline and all, but the gameplay isnt so good, its hard to shoot correctly because moving and aiming in one spot fucks things up, and the arch, MMMM the arch, just bad, but overall its decent