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All I have to say is, I really enjoyed making this, start to finish. So, Thanks to everyone who helped support this project. That also goes to the person reading and/or watching it now.

Now I know there’s a lot of sound and effects missing, and there’s no excuse behind it. I’m just tired of working on this, honestly... But I edited this to the point where the rest isn’t needed. :) I really hope you all enjoy it! And... MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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I wounder how strong she be or will it be too much, keep it up cant wait for the next one

just awesome! can't wait for another episode!

All I can say was that it's pure awesomness! I can't wait for the next episode!

I like the background music.
Nice visual effect and the story seems interesting.
I'm not a fan of pixel animation and text boxes but I'll make an exception.
The fight scenes were really cool.

It's a cool take on video game characters. What kept me engaged and watching it all the way through was the music, which raised the intensity of the combat being depicted. It's perfect for a cyberpunk narrative and well developed, which can be rare in a genre where continuously looping a couple of chords in the home key is a common practice.