A Chad and Sludgey Christmas

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Join Chad and Sludgey as they celebrate the holiday season with warmth and cheer.

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The animation, characters, voice acting, and story were great.
My only gripe was that the animation could have looked smoother and the grain should be removed.
But overall,
Excellent work.

I found this on the front page of NG in the 'New Movies' list and I'm glad I did. I really like the appealingly simplistic character designs and how the yellow one's mouth is an animated texture, very stylistic, it makes me smile knowing it'll probably become a quirky trait in your future animations! I can see from your account you haven't really done much 3D before, but I'm very impressed since this is solid work for one of what is probably one of your first attempts!
If I were to say what needs work, the rigging is a bit overly-simplistic and the characters feel quite stiff in their poses as a result. Some animation principles, such as follow-through and exaggeration, wouldn't go amiss either, but I understand this is supposed to be styled like those old Rankin/Bass stop-motion films, so I'll give the pass on the exaggeration example. The model of the room is also a bit strange, the tiles on the wall and floor feel too big in scale and so the characters feel like they're as big as mice in my head. The fireplace, while cute, could look better and more like Rankin/Bass if you maybe introduced some materials that look like cotton or tin-foil, as I remember the Heat Miser song in 'The Year Without Santa Claus' used cotton wool for his balls of fire.

In summary:
+ Very impressive early 3D work
+ Appealing designs
+ Fun dialogue and expressions

- Modelling is inconsistent in scale
- Rigging is a bit too simple
- Animation principles could be applied more

I look forward to what else you can make in 3D!

Really enjoyed this one. Merry Christmas! :)

Pretty good. The stop motion feel was done well and the meta jokes were pretty funny.

This piqued my interest. Pretty nice animation. Voice acting is also great. Keep up the good work.

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3.17 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2018
12:04 AM EST
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