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Robotnikclaus 4: Miracle on 69th Street

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Alright, so here is when I started to change a bit for Robotnikclaus. I tried doing everything in 1280x720 HD, I added more than one mouth flap, and other things like that. We could have ended it at this one too, but wanted to keep going.

This was originally uploaded on my YouTube channel on January 23, 2015.


MugiMikey: Modern Eggman, Billy, sassy mall woman, pink haired kid, Boom Eggman, Professor Sycamore, Shadow the Hedgehog, extras

TheVacher: Classic Eggman, Charmy Bee, Professor Pickle, Rouge the Bat, Yacker, extras

TheOnlyFlorence: Elf, Eggman Nega, mall security man, Jimmy, Topaz, Wisp powers announcer

BalenaProductions: Metal Sonic

AlexanderTheSwell: David Muir

Opening vocals by Raspdere, G3N3RALS1CK, TheVacher, and MugiMikey. Instrumental and BGM by TheOnlyFlorence

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Jesus F***ing Christ Lmao

It's messed up, but DAMN is it funny lmao