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Punched in the face

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This animation was made using real audio. What do you do when your roommate gets drunk and punches his dog in the face? You punch him in the face....hard. Then you hit record on your phone. Then you post it up on the internet. That's where I found it and made this. Pretty dark stuff...Enjoy

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you need to balance the audio, because it has a part that sounds low and the other high, so you need to improve on that!!!

Very nice

So first off this was a really nice toon you have here and has some nice artwork with some really nice graphics love all the small details in the characters and backround you do some nice work here seems like this might do even better with some added subtitles, anyways nice work.

seems like this might do even better with some added subtitles


I really would love to see the actual video

This was great.
Liked the charcters.

i like it a lot. needs a lot of audio balancing.