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You're a Mean, Bean, Robotnikclaus

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Despite the low quality this was probably the most fun Robotnikclaus video to make. Sure, it aged poorly, but it was still a blast.

This was originally uploaded to my YouTube channel on December 30, 2013.


MugiMikey: Modern Eggman, Billy, Sonic, Tails, Chris, Chuck, Cream, Ella, Froggy, woman in bed, Big Ben, Murry
TheVacher: Classic Eggman, Security Guard Aokiji, Rouge, Amy, Pinkie Pie, Big the Cat
TheOnlyFlorence: Elf, Topaz, Mr. Tanaka, Silver, Derpy Hooves, Eggman Nega, Knuckles
G3NERALS1CK: Man hit on the head, DJ Sam, Officer Daryl
AlexanderTheSwell: Fire extinguisher guy, Officer Grant
Teela-Y: Applejack
Remix/WeeklyTubeShow: Wreck-It Ralph

Special thanks to CodeBlackHayate for singing the opening theme song, and a very special thanks to TheOnlyFlorence and TheVacher for making the awesome background music too! Thanks to all of you who made fanart, too!

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Ok so before NIGHTS put a dent on that car, nega was arched, but after the dent, he was perfectly level.
That means he had a hard on the entire time he was up there.
The absolute unit.

Cream shitting was the highlight of this video

tails = Stockholm syndrome

Man I wish there was a full track of the windmill isle remix

Who else thinks elf didn't deserve this?