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Jackass with Portals

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Aperture Science presents the new test subjects....

I hope you enjoy this! I originally uploaded this on youtube, but I thought I'd share here too. i have more short stuff on my channel if you're interested. Link below.


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Well I got a real kick out of this one, the dancing half naked guy made me burst out into chuckle so that was a great touch overall the animation was intense great funny and entertaining scenes, visuals are amazing some added subtitles wouldnt hurt, anyways keep up the great work.

some added subtitles wouldnt hurt


These kinds of videos are why I've been on NG for so long, lol. This was very original and well done!

This was great and a good concept

I'd watch the shit out of that show!

Sweet jesus, I had to watch twice to make up for laughing too much. Top fuckin' quality. lmao
I am not even much of a fan of Jackass but this was just off-the-wall enough to make it great.