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How Shadow Got Into Sonic Forces

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So... Shadow is in. He's going to be playable. It's been 11 years (as of 2017 when this video was made). What took so long?! Watch this and find out how he got his way back in.

This video was originally uploaded to my YouTube channel on September 23, 2017.


MugiMikey: Shadow
TheOnlyFlorence: Takeshi Iizuka

Huge thanks to TheOnlyFlorence & JessePajamas for the music, and Spazkidin3D for the thumbnail!

Special thanks to my patrons that made this video possible:

Jesse P James
Husky-Leaf Studios
Walter Gomez
Alicia Nichols
Abel Raygoza (TSd97)
Bryan Rooke
Joshua Noakes

and all the peeps from Twitter that drew pictures for the end of the video!

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what was he eat like chicken?


The thumbnail distracted me X3

what fuc$


Another great one and cant go wrong with more sonic element, no major changes needed here, So as I get more into this, So Not your finest Not the worst either. But I did find this animation to be somewhat intersting with some entertaining values, that gave me some interest with in it, I wouldnt mind seeing this go longer and what not but have to say I was pleased with it besides a few improvment suggestions that could be adressed later, But very nice work here today.

no major changes needed here