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Super Smash Bros Anime x Dragon Ball Super Opening 2 [Limit Break x Survivor]

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I worked on this for one year and three months!

I started to work before the first Nintendo Direct March 2018 that Smash Ultimate was announced, so actually I was planning to put 64, melee, Brawl and SSB4 fighters at first. I really never thought that new series would be announced at that time, and I decided to put new fighters in this to change my plan.

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holy crap this was made only 10 days after release, at the beginning i thought this was an old brawl anim but I WAS WRONG, and surprised when i saw galeem lol

and the two best parts i kept coming back to was mario fighting lucarios evelution thing, and dedede vs mario, those were so clean.

Oh wow

Now this is something that is brilliant starts off with a bang the mario guy was awsome not sure if I would ad anything its pretty amazing, I could see this going alot more further with lots more stuff and visuals added, So just a few things to think about, but anyways good start So-Far, You have something good here Allthough it does need abit more, But for the most part you have some decent work here and I wouldnt mind seeing how far you can take it, You can give this a cutting edge touch Or a ritzy feel, Just needs to be turbo charged but it will be better for any effort and for the most part you have created just that here.

not sure if I would ad anything its pretty amazing


Yep. Awesome.

esta per bien bergas ¡¡¡AWESOME!!!