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Adam's Adventure

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Author Comments

Collect as many coins as possible. Press space to attack.

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This is like a slower, melee version of Robotron. I brought your "world record kills" up to 60, from 48, that's how much people liked playing this game. You're welcome. I think I'll bring your "world record coins" up past 4 next. Just for kicks. Also, get better sounds. Speed your game up. Maybe have it develop over time in SOME WAY, other than "none." After I finish here I'm going to go look up what else you've uploaded since... December 16 2018? (I had to go look.) Seriously? Damn, I thought this had to be from 2005, 2007 tops. December 2018 and this is what you uploaded? Well, I'll have a look at the rest of your library, if it exists.

Edit: There. 7 coins. I got bored. i figured all had to do was play a few times, and even though coins spawn inside rocks, making them difficult to grab, and sometimes offscreen, eventually I would get lucky and beat the world record with minimum effort. There you go. If you're going to make something boring, maybe make it difficult too so there's some entertainment value.

Edit: Hey wow! Reloaded. You don't even actually store the "world record" huh? It resets to 48 and 4? Couldn't even manage that? Wow, door to door salesmen sell knockoff vacuum cleaners made of cheap mass produced parts built in sweat shops that don't suck as bad as you. Turns out I already saw the rest of your catalog. "A Sacrifice Must Be Made" got a 2 star rating. I must have been feeling generous. Good luck with your "work."

This is what I get for clicking "Random Game..."

Everything is far too slow. There's no feedback (without sound, I have most sites muted) as to when you get hit by a zombie. I had an instance then a coin spawned off the map. I think mapping the space key for attack is a mistake. If I'm able to attack in four directions, maybe map them to W A S D?

The characters are all way to small. I think that is a sword attack, but you can't tell due it being so small. You should move much faster. That way you could run past the monsters and grab those coins. The collected coins could be used for upgrades instead of doing nothing.

i wanna throw up

"presses space bar continuously"

Cute and simple.
You're off to a good start. I recommend playing it for a while and trying to figure out what you can do to make it more interesting.

Credits & Info

2.31 / 5.00

Dec 16, 2018
4:33 AM EST