Seifu & the Demon Fox Girl

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Be admired 5 Points

Bring something shiny back to someone who need it

Be loved 5 Points

Give something purple to someone who need it

Ending: Tragic reality 5 Points

Fulfill certain conditions for the ending

Forbidden Fruit 5 Points

Eat the purple fruit

Frightened animal 5 Points

Defeat Giant water snake

Good job 5 Points

Complete normal difficulty

He is a hard man 5 Points

Defeat Gotaro

Max healer 5 Points

Maximize the red pills number and its healing effect

Oops! Sorry~ 5 Points

Break the talisman

Too easy 5 Points

Complete easy difficulty

Ending: Break the curse 10 Points

Fulfill certain conditions for the ending

Ending: Sealed forever 10 Points

Fulfill certain conditions for the ending

I'm tough 10 Points

Complete hard difficulty

My secrets 10 Points

Receive all ???'s secrets in Sakura Village

Pass the trial 10 Points

Defeat Shikigami TenguTengu

Powerful gadgets 10 Points

Maximize the levels of all accessories

Stray broken soul 10 Points

Defeat soul of the ancient demon

Ending: New companion 25 Points

Fulfill certain conditions for the ending

I'm the best 25 Points

Complete no mercy difficulty

In your face 25 Points

Defeat TenguTengu without taking damage

Obsessive demon 25 Points

Defeat demon fox

Watch out 25 Points

Pass the stalactites falling areas without taking damage

Full potential 50 Points

Maximize the levels of all AP skills

In hot water 50 Points

Pass the waterfalls areas without taking damage

Like the cold wind 50 Points

Complete no mercy in 5 minutes and 30 seconds

Seifu, the cold wind worrior 100 Points

Complete all the other achievements

Author Comments

Version 1.1:
1.E key HP-10 is fixed
2.Gotaro & water snake HP reduce on easy and normal

Version 1.2: (2019/5/27 patched)
1.cutom Key of up/down/left/right key in Q menu
2.T key, reduce HP to 1 function, this allow you to retry the
boss fight faster
3.T key can also be customize to other key in the Q menu
4.hit box of falling stalactite in caves narrow down to only its
5.narrow waterfall hitbox narrow down to it edge that is
closer to Seifu
6.wide waterfall hitbos narrow down to its center


Mysterious Demon fox girl is abducting men in a distant small village, Demon hunter Seifu was hired to solve this crisis, Now, gear up your katana and ninja stars, save the people in Sakura Village!
(The size of this game is not small, you might have to wait the loading for a while or F5 refresh the web page)
***Extra Content***

Special bundles on my Patreon:

If you want to get extra version immediately, visit my Itchy.io:
***YouTube Trailer & Tutorial Videos***

Official Game Trailer on YouTube:

All bosses fight No Damge on No mercy:

Pass Cave and Water Fall area without taking damage:
Join my discord server if you wan ask me something instantly(If I'm online)
***Basic Control ***

Left & Right arrow keys: move/run
Up arrow key: Enter doors or portals / investigate / talk
Down arrow key: pick up item
A: Dodge/Dash (transient invincibility)
S: Throw projectile (You can change projectile in Q menu)
D: Slash
W: Take pill and heal (After you get red pills)
Q: Menu (You can change input key/volume/full screen...)
T: Reduce your HP to 1 (2019/5/27 update function)
If you want to give up a boss fight
this will help you retry faster
You can also customize this function to other key

***Special Trick***

Dash: Press dodge while running

Counter Attack: Press dodge right before an enemy hits you

Final Thrust: press dodge again after counter attack
(If your final thrust energy bar is full)

Slash and Throw can be execute continuously and interchangeably, but they consume stamina, so does dodge
All attacks generate final thrust energy

***Save System***

You need to manually save at save board in this game.
You can strategically not save and reload old file.
Time and other data can be reset to old save's data.
Remember to allow flash player setting access save.

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One of the upgrades literally gives you one frame of advantage? Some people might like trying to be accurate up to .05 of a second but such low forgiveness isn't for me. It doesn't become fun anymore because I know that being that accurate over a long period of time is less about skill and more about rolling your reaction time luck.

However this game is extremely well made and all of the monsters are well drawn, well animated, and consistent, if not for the unfair frame-perfect requirements. It runs well and there was a lot of time put into this. It just ain't for me. A bitter five stars and a middle finger to the ancient ghost.

PoliuxDimension responds:

Thank you for this review.
The upgrade reduce the cool down time between dodges just a little bit, but it didn't alter the dodge ability itself. I believe for end game player they are pretty familiar with the counter mechanic already, and reducing cool down time can make them dodge more frequently to save some time while speed run or enjoy more fluent movement as a reward.

OKAY. maybe I was impatient. LET'S ROCK THIS!

PoliuxDimension responds:

Hello, how are you.
New players or old players please watch this...
I patched this game to version 1.2 on 2019/5/27.
The fixes include:
1.I narrowed down the hit boxes of the stalactites in the caves to its very center.
2.I narrowed down the hit boxes of the thin waterfalls and move it toward seifu's side.
3.The wide waterfall was also be narrowed down to its very center
So those unreasonably hard to pass maps should be a little easier now.

You can also now customize the movement key to other key in the Q menu.
And I added new key T, to reduce your HP to1.
If you want to retry a boss quickly, just press T and get killed by the boss quickly.
The T can also be customized to other key in Q menu, thank you.

ofc 5 stars its awesome game

PoliuxDimension responds:

Thank you.

gud i guess.

its hard

Credits & Info

3.52 / 5.00

Dec 14, 2018
6:43 PM EST
Adventure - RPG
  • Daily Feature December 16, 2018