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Dark Revenge

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Author Comments

Hi, I dont know why it is not working here, please go to :
This is not a love story although it started as one. A beautiful one.

Arkan was a very young farmer who helped his father by sending their farm produce to the village. When he had extra he would travel to the next village. One day, in one of the villages, he met the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Her name was Alvari. She had the most creamy, soft, milky skin that reflected the sunlight like a diamond. The mere sight of her made him tingle with sensations all over, igniting all his senses. A little piece of heaven on earth.

It was love at first sight, their hearts bonded together and felt like one.

Not long after, Alvari's dying mother on her last breath told her that she had made a deal to pay her (the mother's) debts to the landlord by giving him feudal right of the first night of Alvariā€™s wedding.

Alvari then realized the landlord was the reason behind the regular visits of a group of very rude and aggressive hooligans to their home, and why she had to hide on those occasions.

Arkan and Alvari decided to get married immediately and ran away to live far away from danger. They lived happily in the forest and were blessed with a loving son (you). However, the landlord could not forget her and was determined to obtain his part of the deal. He hired a team of informants who searched methodically for the fugitives, who were finally located. A search party was sent for them.

As they arrived, Alvari had just had her shower and was alone in her 'birthday suit'. She spotted them and immediately ran, trying to escape. The sight of her rose smelling bare skin and her expression of fear induced an uncontrollable feeling of lust within those brutes. Mad with lost reason, they satisfied their worst primitive instincts, tearing Alvari's body apart, killing her.

When you and Arkan reached the forest nearby the house, Arkan saw the men and immediately turned back to the forest to hide his son. Arkan told him to wait and that he would soon be coming back for him.

Arkan ran back to the house as fast as he could, thinking about his beautiful wife. As he arrived the men were waiting for him. They were trained murderous assassins that the landlord had ordered to kill him on sight. He did not stand a chance. They severed his head and bagged it for reward, telling the landlord Alvari had escaped with her child while they were fighting Arkan.

You was a very good and obedient son and he waited for his father until nightfall. At dawn after a few hours of sleep he decided to make it back home as he was very familiar with the topography. When his eyes saw the bodies of his headless father and lifeless naked mother, the shock was so violent that he fainted. When he awoke he was overwhelmed with despair and cried non-stop. Nothing had prepared him to such an unbearable sight and the pain of losing both his parents was excruciating.
After hours he calmed down and spotted a shield left behind with the landlord signet. He then sworn to his parents that he would do everything and live his life just to track the culprits and kill them as they deserved. There was no turning back.

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Local link is glitched, as mentioned. Other link works, but is very slow. game seems pretty basic and trope filled, which isn't terrible. Could certainly use some sort of warning telling you to equip your stuff before heading into a fight. Makes dying far less likely. Enemy drops range between vital and useless. Only so many bows I can lug around. Also need a general healing option, scrounging food dropped by foes only goes so far. Sex scenes lack variety, just the same thing with different heads. In all, not a bad start, but needs work.

This link is working.
The inventory is not complete yet right?
Do you have more girls? :-)

blueAvian responds:

Hi, we are developing it still. Thanks for your respond

It crashes immediately before it even finishes loading.

blueAvian responds:

Yes correct, i already send the error to my partner he said itch io had the same error before as well but he needs to up the RAM. Once i get the file i will upload here. Mean while please bear with us, we are very sorry. Please try the game at: https://budlog.itch.io/dark-revenge

Credits & Info

2.62 / 5.00

Dec 13, 2018
4:44 AM EST