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Hindenburg Airship Escape

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Hackers trapped the pilot inside the flying ship. You are an intelligent traveler inside the flying ship try to help pilot by finding clues and get his marriage ring and treasurer map, because if you can able to help pilot, The pilot will help everyone to be safe. Good luck and have fun!

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So ridiculous. I finished the game but was forced to use the walkthrough because of the ridiculous items i was left with it nearing the end. You're given a request to find a useless map that you don't even use, you find it and he doesn't even take it. So you just have a map, a pointless map. You also have a chisel for the ceiling, but they gives no indication of anything being on the ceiling. Overall, disappointing and poorly tested

Test your games before release. It's incredibly frustrating to waste time clicking on every possible object, only to scroll down into the comments and discover that there is a bug making it impossible to complete the next puzzle (i.e. the ring). That's just sloppy.

This game is almost impossible to finish without starting it over and over again.
The puzzles get stucked randomly. This game needs some serious repair. Usual i enjoy the games from them... But this one is really messe up.

This game isn't terrible, but a couple of the puzzles seem to be completely broken and the number dials take way too long to cycle.

Game has a several broken parts, game started you out with a symbol, when I had to restart due to a different broken piece I no longer had that part, could not finish the game. (even with reloading) if the 4 symbols are put in before the ring is given to the captain you can no longer zoom in to the captain to give him the ring. Also the color wheel has orange and green mixed up.
these sort of errors ruin a Point'n Click game. Otherwise this would be a normal run of the mill point and click. It is possible to get through without coming across these problems if you are both lucky and colorblind, or if you find a way to restart with the symbol.