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The Forest

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Sometimes you gotta lick a frog or two

This is my longest and hardest #animation so far :^)
Big thanks to #Blender3d community for helping me answer all the questions I had during the production

Music - purpleplanetmusic - Being Happy

Also If you want to promote and see more works like this support me on patreon
Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/alumx
Twitter - https://twitter.com/Alumx_mlp

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So this was pretty "GOOD" and "VERY-ARTISTIC" this was a nice artistic film too and it was funny I would suggest adding some subtitles, And so as we come to a close here on this flick or flash or whatever, I wanted to give some props your way, It takes experience, Quality and a good delivery and you have done all that here.

I would suggest adding some subtitles


That frog. XD Love the way it just appeared there. A fun, warm story this turned out to be too... and I like the style. Even though it's all built with simple tweens and stretched out characters, almost like papermation, it all flows together really well. Warm colors and scenery too, and a little background ambience when it's called for. Nice work.


Princess Ponies, the number one killer of frogkind...

This is ridiculous


Great combination of puppet animation and frame-by-frame work. Really works well in the 3D scene and the colors are on point. It's nice to see the things blender can now do, but the audio overall is a bit lacking in clarity and leveling