Spacedust Defender - Reupload

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Enroll as a [Defender] and take up the mission to protect your solar system from the threat of an imminent Bluul invasion!


[R] to restart level
[P] to pause/unpause
[H] to hide the User Interface
[Escape] return to Menu
[N] to start the wave
[Right Click] to sell turrets/walls
[Space] toggle auto-fire on/off
[Double Click] on a turret to open upgrade panel
[Shift+Click] a TURRET to automatically purchase it’s upgrades

[Additional Tips]

1.The border of the screen is not considered solid, so don't rely on it when building!
2.The [Pillar] price is increased by 50 with each purchase.
3.Don't forget to hold [Shift] pressed when building in order to build more than 1 object.
4.Upgrades should be prioritized over new turrets since they're more effective!
5.Long corridors can be more useful than 1-2 offensive turrets.
6.Press [H] to hide UI if it's blocking you from accessing a turret.
7.Use [Shift + Click] to automatically upgrade turrets without opening the Upgrade Panel.

Good luck and have fun!


Factory Ambience by 'yd' from opengameart
Atmospheric/Menu music by 'qubodup' from opengameart

Special thanks to "Maggrig" for testing and reporting lots of bugs!

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nice enough, maybe expand on it.

upgrde menu doesn't open for me.

Wow nice

Some very "INTENSE" graphics on this one, it was a bit confusing how to play at first but the gameplay is very nice and a beautiful interface aswell, really nice game here, You Put out the time and energy to bring the best product to the portal. And I believe you have presented some great here today. You have effectively pushed the limits and showed what you are capable of and thats a blessing in itself, You can even add more stuff within moderation of course, I like what you have done-sofar though.

Very intense game no changes needed.


Finally beat it.

The bosses were hard because I didn't read their descriptions. I first thought the "?" meant no info, but there was info! For the last boss, please describe that you need to use the decimiation upgrade for the harpoon tower. I tried like 10 times before figuring that out. Then I could kill it in 10 seconds. Similarly, with the first boss, it took me a while to figure out that shocking it reduced its defense drastically.

Best tower defense I've ever played, despite the "low" score. Beats bloons for instance. The enemies were unique in abilities. The mini-me tower and blasting tower were great because we had to calculate not just flat damage per sec, but total based on range, and other things . . . especially for the Shiny enemies.

One of my favorite flash games, up there with Phoenotopia, Snaliad, ShellCore, and a Dark Room.

Very good job at the game exelent game but add some more buget because Its really lacking that and it feels like i have limits which i don't like in these certain games other than that its a great game recommend it!

Credits & Info

3.44 / 5.00

Dec 10, 2018
3:53 PM EST
Strategy - Tower Defense