Cute Baby

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My girlfriend has been baby hungry lately...

...here's how I feel about babies.

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Really short

So this was really short but still pretty "ENTERTAINING" it was a good short thoough the characters were fantastic and the animation was nice you could have something more here with this one maybe even some sort of long running series here, but anyways really good stuff.

make it longer maybe even some sort of series from it.


GoodL responds:

Thanks so much! Yeah, I had only intended to make it around 30 seconds or so because I just wanted to do a little project in between other things, but I'll consider turning it into something more later on. I'm glad you were at least entertained :)

So that's why you don't want a baby. XD I must admit the early lives of these critters are still a mystery to me, being the youngest and all but... I didn't realize it was quite this bad!!! Good fun, and some of that trademark FDS psychedelia in the background too, sideway sky and all...


GoodL responds:

Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it and are able to see why I am not a fan of babies.

I was intrigued and confused, then i saw the tag lovecraftian. now i'm not much of a cultured man but I don't think that means eye eating baby creature.

GoodL responds:

Thanks for all the stars! Lovecraft is my favourite author, and much of his work revolves around the horror associated with seeing things that the human mind cannot possibly comprehend, so your confusion is essentially exactly why I used the tag (but in all honesty I mostly used it as a joke!)
I appreciate the review :)

Haha awesome short. I enjoyed/tripped out on the BG. It's like this mirrored cloudy matter that was moving at a satifying pace. Walk cycle could have been better. The BG was a bit odd but then again I can see this working since we are set in a strange universe(as what we can tell from the beginning) What I did love is the shading on the non-purple dude. I didn't expect the baby to be this demonic being which was hilarious (and +points on the screech )with a little more work I can see this being part of a trippy sketch comedy short. Great job! Let's see more!

GoodL responds:

Thank ya for the review! I knew the walk cycles were wonky as I was doing em but yeah I didn't put in enough effort to fix em. Glad you enjoyed all the backgrounds and stuff :) much love

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2.98 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2018
6:51 PM EST
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